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Goodbye CV, its been a good run, but alas, all good things must come to an end at some point.

I want to say thank you to everyone of the following:












King Saturn

The Poet









And many more...

I love you CV, I was also addicted, remember that one time I said me and my family went to L.A, straight lie, I was in a rehabilitation center.

BTW, lock this thread, I bring up that sexual abuse charge.

Hey officer, some man/woman came into my room one night and touched me in my "private parts".



See ya tomorrow!

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Wait you are leaving or not. If you do, it has been nice knowing you, and good luck in the future ahead of you. If you don't, nice trolling over there.

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I'm leaving for like a day, no big deal, just thought I had to troll at least once on CV.

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@YoungJustice: Well played. Well played indeed

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I was worried there for a sec

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@YoungJustice said:

I'm leaving for like a day, no big deal, just thought I had to troll at least once on CV.

I couldn't help but notice I wasn't on that list. I'd suggest you fix that or bad things might happen to you.

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@YoungJustice: AHHHHHHHHH, almost almost cryed

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@YoungJustice: I bow to your trolliness!

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@YoungJustice: I was like D':

Which is a long ways from how I felt about you back in the Menace days. You've come a long way, kid.

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@redbird3rdboywonder said:

@YoungJustice: Well played. Well played indeed

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You magnificent bastard.

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So well played in fact, that I'm willing to overlook the fact that you didn't mention me out directly.

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You had me. You really had me for a while there.

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well played sir, well played......

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That was a good one.

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So your aren't leaving? Okay.

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Not cool man.I am truly amused by this post at all.NOT AT ALL.How could you not mention me in your lineup of goodbys?

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YJ!! That's not funny!!

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@YoungJustice: Lol! Good thing I knew about this beforehand. =D Ever try leaving for good I'd have to get Tim Drake to convince you to stay...or else! Dun dun DUN.