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I used the vine mainly for fanfic, but I have found a site that is more writing based. It suits me, as there is no peer pressure to write endless superhero battles, or focus on superheroes waay more than necessary to write a story. Comicvine is better for fanfic than original fiction, because the overall bent is that way. To do original fic in such an environment is like fighting against the waves, REALLY hard. The new site is a pure writing site. If you want to know what it is just ask me. That's my location now. The best thing is your stories are stored, so you won't have to update constantly, and when you do, your story is put upfront for most to see anyway. So you don't have to fight for attention nearly as much as on the vine.

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@lorbo: I do not know you. But best of luck!

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ill miss you. don't forget to write

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Good luck man. See ya around.

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Adios, hombre. The best of luck to ya out there in your pursuits.

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Hope it goes well for ya!

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@lorbo: Best of luck there!

And do you have a link to the site?

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Unhappy to see you go, but good luck In your future endeavors.

No one ever uses the "I'm new/goodbye thread".

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Sounds like a cool site. Best of luck to you!

Visit often!

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