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I used to be a lot more active on the site. Not so much on the forums, but at one time I was the number one user reviewer. Unfortunately, my marriage began to fall apart, and my narcissistic thinking that anyone here was interested in my opinions on Ambush Bugs Stocking Stuffer kind of took a back seat. Well, one year later, The ex wife and I have settled enough to be friendly for our children. Also I began to talk to a lovely woman who owns a farm in Thailand. I lost my job right after I lost my family, so this year has been starting a new chapter from scratch. Since no one has given me a job, I have decided to start a business. Still priced out of new books however, but there are thousands upon thousands of comics that have come out, to put my opinion to. So thank you to all the recommendations and followers since I was last here. It's about damn time i reached the 1,000 review mark.

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I can picture it. A brand new series from Marvel, the house of ideas:


Tales of people who get trough them.

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Hope all works out from here on out. Welcome back!

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you may be onto something. There would be action, in one of our arguments i turned around and she broke a broomstick on my back. That left a mark that is still there one year later. It wasn't a real broom, but one of those bushel of long sticks tied together and made to smell like cinnamon that women like to hang up.

we joke about it now. If I say something or do something that makes her look at me the wrong way i will say "are you going to need the broom?" 22 years, it is hard not to see where I went wrong in the marriage, so I can't be angry with her all the time.

Still a title like that could be an independent winner if you highlighted characterization over sensationalism, and didn't take sides. Every one has a story, you can't assume one party is evil and the other isn't. Except of course in situations of abuse.

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It was more of a joke, but then again...of course!

Actually, I thought up a few ideas just now. I`d post them here, if I could be sure that nobody would steal them. Frankly, they could be thought up by pretty much anyone, but I wanna play it safe.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I recognize the joke. Unfortunately the tone of voice is lost in typing my reply. Especially the sarcasm of using spousal abuse as an action scene.

Still as far as ideas are concerned I wouldn't be to nervous. It isn't so much what a story is about, but how it is about it ( Roger Ebert ) Saying you want to make a movie about an alien encounter can bring you E.T. or Aliens

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I have been waiting for you to crack 1000

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Had to deal with the whole .. lost my house kids and job thing. I am back now.