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I am planning to buy a PS Vita this month but I may not. Still I want to know what games would you recommend that I should play.

I also want to know if "Little Deviants " is a cool game

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Persona 4: The Golden is probably my favorite game on the system. Gravity Rush is probably my second. Those would be the two main purchases; the rest I cant quite comment on without more time to play games in general. I could toss out names that should be good titles on the system, disgea or little big planet but you're better off looking at reviews to see what titles are something you should be interested in rather than just opinions here to see if you should even buy a vita. There are also some nice PSP era games you could download off PSN to the vita to boot.

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  1. Gravity Rush
  2. Army Corp of Hell
  3. Escape Plan
  4. Touch My Katamari
  5. Unit 13

The best part about having a PS Vita are the PS1 re-releases.