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A topic I haven't found started yet and I was curious about. If you could fuse two characters together who would they be.

What would their abilities be.

They would get both strengths and weakness of each.

Would it be a awesome fusion or not.

Think dbz fusion with earrings or that dance they do.

What do you guys think would be the outcome of each successful/unsuccessful fusion attempt.

And please no already OP characters.

Like if Beast boy and Deathstroke fused what would happen

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In the comic (western) jargon, we rarely use fusion as it is usually associated with the very polarized concept of DBZ. We often use the term Amalgam.

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Anyway, if I'm allowed to fuse or amalgamate 2 characters it would be Colossonaut and Flash. Unstoppable force that is faster than light. Boom!