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What do you think ?

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lame, they changed his armor


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The Armor looks a Little Weird.
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The chest design is too medieval, maybe it's just me, but the sculpt reminds me fantasy armor than a robotic armor. At least not the kind of robotic armor you would want to see on a Robo"cop".

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He needs to look more 'roboty'.

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Looks like a bad mix of Batman's suit and that lame Phantom remake.

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I liked it. Looks like a mix between Iron Man and Batman's armor.

I am really excited for the movie.

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He looks like Superman after the New 52 painted in black.

Not my style.

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The movie sounds good, but the costume is not as good. It should be a bit more chunky and have the Robo-Cop feel. That armor doesn't look like it's infused with him. It looks more like a suit he could slip on anytime he wants.

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Hmm.. It looks like a futuristic suit but not really like Robocop.. Not crazy about it now, but maybe it looks better in the film :)

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I like it and I bet it will look even better in the movie.

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I like the new design.It's better than the old one and I prefer it.

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I think it looks good.

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Why do they need to remake Robocop??...that movie is great as it is....

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@jobiwankenobi said:

He needs to look more 'roboty'.

I agree.

He just looks "armory" instead of "roboty". Not too horrible, though.

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I don't mind it. While the original will always be our favorite version, we may all grow to like the new one. Like Superman's new suit. At first, I didn't like the loss of the shorts, but now I'm kinda digging the changes. Give it some time.

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I kinda like it.

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I like the helmet. I don't like the sculpt lines on the body armor, it has too much sculpt lines.

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@agentxx: Yes

@King Saturn:

@Deadite: This

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They got the cop but they forgot the robo.

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The suit itself looks great. It just ruins RoboCop's iconic suit in the original trilogy.

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I like it. It could use some silver highlights, but I like it.

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Batman with more armor plating and less appeal. Hope thats not final.

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At first sight, I didn't like his armor... The color black doesnt match him as good as silver did... Course remakes are always garbage. Nothings ever as good as the Original.

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I don't know...I think I like it....would be better if they made it silver like the original though

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@Matchstick said:

Looks like a bad mix of Batman's suit and that lame Phantom remake.

I was thinking the same thing.

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I get the Iron Man and Batman comments but we shouldn't forget video games as an inspiration for this new look, a la Mass Effect 2 and Metal Gear Solid:

I really don't mind the concept look of the new RoboCop. Just needs a bit more detail (though I'm guessing what we're looking at is an early phase look, maybe his test trials before all the bells and whistles are added).

People should remember that though his name is RoboCop......he's not a robot. He's a cyborg. He's meant to look and move more like a human being than a robot.

Our ideas of how a cyborg would move has also changed significantly since 1987. Movies, tv, video games, and books have all painted a new picture of cyborg's that showcases their mimicry of the human form as well as more fluid movement.

What Peter Weller and the stunt people did in 1987 with the stiff walking, twists, and 90 degree movements was fantastic. But lets be honest..........its not what modern audiences would want to see. They are too used to the modern depiction of robotics and cyborgs, seeing movies like A.I., I,Robot, the Star Wars prequels, and the new Total Recall (yeah, not great movies overall but go with it) and the life-like depiction these films bring has turned them off to the type of movement old moviegoers were used to seeing (not that real life cyborgs weren't seen before this like in 1982's Blade Runner).

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I hope they can come up with something less cheesy. The helmet is pretty decent, I would want them to work on everything below the head, the neck.

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It isnt too bad.

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It's commander Sheppard......woohoo

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@CaioTrubat said:

I liked it. Looks like a mix between Iron Man and Batman's armor.

I am really excited for the movie.

I like it as well and people seem to forgot that original design was pretty terrible itself.

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Don't mind the armor

but I hope they do not overstock on lame CGI to cover sh!t acting

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Looks like the "Dark Knight" suit without a cape!....Right now I'm kinda "meh" about this whole thing. Seeing a trailer with Robocop in motion and how they make him move, will seal the deal for me personally whether if I'm going to give this a chance or not.