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Okay,it's the first day of Doomsday.Everyone in your town/city is a Zombie!You just wake up and hear someone banging on your door.Do you open the door at all?YOU DECIDE! XD
Alright,more seriously.You just wake up and you look out the window and see zombies everywhere.What do you do?What do you grab?Do you hide,or make a run for it?
This is you,not any other person.What would YOU do?

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Alright,in all seriousness,I would start by quickly seeing if my girlfriend is home,which she rarely is.If she isn't,call her.If no one answers,assume the worse.BUT if she is home,I quickly get her to call all friends and family while I start making barricades.I will add on to this.

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Well, for starters, I would grab my bow and hunting knife that I keep right beside my bed at all times. Then, I'd probably get on the roof and shoot as many zombies in the head as I possibly could (I have a stockpile of around 120-150 arrows), and then, once I'm down to around 30 arrows, hop on my bike and ride over to my friend Mike's place, who has a bunch of guns and ammo (he hunts). From there, we'd probably barricade his house and wait it out.

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In some movies Zombies are afraid of fire. I get 2 cabnet doors and light them on fire and run out to my car. Get going as fast as I can. I gather up my friends (fast as possible) they get their guns and knives and we head to the closest thing to a square we have. Round up as many as we can and leave the city. We arrive in the closest and largest city we have. We get everyone into one building. We send people out to try and put a wall with all the supplies we have for it, and for defense. From there we sort out food and any useful supplies we have left, and get all the big brains (mostly doctors, and college teachers and anyone else who could be useful) to get to work on a way to save humanity. Hopefully there would be others who had groups like this and eventually we could meet up and put what we came up with together and wipe out the zombies! I know this is extreme and goes much larger than what was pobably expected but... I think as tactically and as openly as possible when exposed to interesting stuff
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Arm up 
Stock up 
Limber up 
Get to a safe location to whole up, find survivors if i can. 

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Blow up places while we wait under the sea. With nukes. Mass nukation.

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I put a do not disturb sign on my door

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Kill myself because there's no point in surviving an apocalypse in the first place and I don't have the skill nor determination to survive. 

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Baseball bat right beside the door. I check before I open, if it's a zombie, it goes splat.  I also have katanas.
Ultimately, I save who I can, get to a Wal-Mart where we secure the perimeter, and don't do anything idiotic.

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First i would call anyone i know if they are alright if they dont answer there is a chance they are zombies........  i would turn on the t.v or radio if there are any news and if there are any evacuation places around .......... if there are then i would pack up (lightly) bring some things to beat the zombie like a baseball bat or something then go to the evacuation area.hahahahahaha

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I find this to be the best solution to most problems like this:

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Everyone wants to say they'd go out and just start taking out zombies one by one, but if this was a real zombie apocalypse those people wouldn't be seen again. On the first day I'd lock my doors, not leave for anything, make as little noises as I could, and call anyone I could think of to see if they're okay. I wouldn't leave the apartment until I ran out of food, and then I'd just run to the convenience store right across the street and right back.

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If i just woke up?
Well I sort of resemble a zombie when I just wake up so I'm going to assume the zombie looks in my window (creeps that they are), thinks it see's
another zombie, tells the others it's just another zombie and they move on to someone more perkys abode.

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Make sure i have twinkies.

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Since I work at Walmart and I know my store inside and out, I would grab my wakizashi and my best clothing and make my way there. If I made it (more than likely, it's a fifteen-minute run from my apartment) I would then call my family to make sure they know which entrance to use. There are plenty of sheets of plywood we used for the separation of bins to barricade doors. Anything can be used as a weapon, but the machetes are always in stock. There is also an almost endless supply of canned foods.
Edit: I would do all of this in a tie, because it's only proper.

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-Grab sword, put on armor (yes I actually have armor)
-Fortify house.
-Make a naginata for wife using knife blade, pole, and rawhide strips.
-Stockpile water in case plumbing stops working
-Live off food supplies in pantry until weather gets below freezing and is safe to go out.

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If i just woke up? Well I sort of resemble a zombie when I just wake up so I'm going to assume the zombie looks in my window (creeps that they are), thinks it see's another zombie, tells the others it's just another zombie and they move on to someone more perkys abode. 


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