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What fictional characters do you actually care about? You care about their story. About how they are portrayed. You care about their life story. You feel for them. Admire them. You love their triumphs and hate when they fail. For me it would be:

Thanos: Favorite fictional person ever. His is the eternal love story. Yes......Love. he has killed for love. He has died for love. and kicked much a$$ along the way.

Ratchet: I love Ratchet. His weapons are AMAZING. He has no ego. Just does what needs to be done

Photon/Captain Marvel: I love Monica. She was the first and only female comic book character I love.

Who are fictional characters you love or admire?

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Captain America.

Need I say why?

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Wow. This is an extremely long list..

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Megatron: I care about his character and how he is portrayed being my favorite TF character and one of my favorite fictional characters in general.And I do love it when he triumphs and overcomes powerful enemies.And he has alot of good character traits (depending on which version) Its just he has a different point of view and has different goals in mind when compared to Optimus Prime.And yes alot of it does involve killing and conquering(so that not be something to look up to :) ).I admire his determination to see his goals to an end.

Cobra Commander:Really the Marvel comics version it was an interesting twist his origins where quite tragic and it gave the character a different edge when compared with other characters,I did kind of feel bad for him.Which was odd. And he is my favorite GI Joe character.

Batman: Tragic origins,and has become a hero because of it,uses his vast wealth to aid him in his fight against crime,and has a no kill code too.Need I say more?

Darth Vader: A tragic character.Who for a time becomes a great force of darkness but in the end becomes a beacon of light.He emphasizes loneliness too something which I can relate to.And yeah he is my favorite SW character.

Grimlock: Great character (if you ignore the 80s cartoon version) the thing I admire about Grimlock is that he has this great strength and power,but also is dead set against using it for what he sees as for the wrong reasons.And that he doesn't stay an Autobot simply because he looks up to Optimus Prime but that he sees it as the right thing to do.And he was also the first TF to transform into a T Rex :)

That's all I can think of right now.

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Batman & Naruto.

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...I admire both Gwen Stacey and Uncle Ben completely, for their deaths still kind of do something.

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Love, admire and respect - Dick Grayson.

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Thor, Zatanna, Batman, Deadpool, John Constantine, Black Canary and Dick Grayson...

Oh..and Alfred Pennyworth..

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Comics- Captain America obviously

Movies- Rocky Balboa

Video Games- Commander Shepard.

Music- Johnny Cash

Historical Figure- George Washington. How many men would actually walk away from being given total power, when offered it? Not many.

The music one was really hard, since I also love Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, but in the end I had to go with "The Man in Black".

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Deadpool rules,that's all I'm going to say.

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Love admire and respect - Barbara Gordon.

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Love: Jason Todd, because he used to be sexy badass with snark.

Admire: Wonder Woman, for her strength and top-tier standing.

Respect: Cassandra Cain, because of the battles that she went through and the troubles that she overcame.

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Comics - Batman (pre New 52), Cyclops and Spider-Man (pre-2010, of course)

Anime - Shinji Ikari, Light Yagami, Lelouch Lamperouge

Other - Cloud Strife, Vampire Hunter D, Tyler Durden, Sophie-Anne Leclerq

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Huntress Helena Bertinelli

Jason Todd

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-Batman, he is an ordinary (though wealthy) person who through self dedication and training has become something more then a man. A symbol for justice.


-Luke Skywalker, The best part about the original trilogy (and the thing that the prequel trilogy got wrong) was a small farm boy taking on an immense empire, It is that kind of David vs Goliath story that will never become boring.

-Atticus Finch, The perfect father figure.

-James Bond, who doesn't wish they could live this guys life?

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Hellion (and where they have taken him really blows)



Spider-Man (of the Peter Parker variety)

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You know, I was going to say Superman or Spider-Man (especially), but..

..I have changed. There is not that connection that I used to have for characters. In all honesty, I find myself incapable of loving, admiring, or respecting a fictional character or any character for that matter.

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Love admire and respect Wonder Woman.

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Squirrel Girl

Emma Frost





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I respect Darth Sidious the dude was a master mind,a pure genius the way he set up everything to make himself the Emperor was golden.

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I love Damian Wayne. <3, <3, <3, The little sh!t :P

I admire Dick Grayzon and Superman, two glorious heroes who don't need a reason to help people.

I respect Batman and his war against crime as long as he stays on his side and I stay on mine. We're koo.

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-All the founding members of the Justice League

-Charles Xavier



-Dick Grayson

-Cassie Hack (Hack/Slash)

-Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

All Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


-Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis:Evangelion)

-Light Yagami (Death Note)

-Jiraiya (Naruto)

-Kei Kurono (Gantz)


-The Baudelaire Orphans (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

-Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

-The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles)


-Angel (Buffy TVS/Angel)

-Spike (Buffy TVS/Angel)

-Walter White (Breaking Bad)

-Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

-Darryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

-Avatar Aang (Avatar The Last Airbender)

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@SmoothJammin said:

I love Damian Wayne. <3, <3, <3, The little sh!t :P

I admire Dick Grayzon and Superman, two glorious heroes who don't need a reason to help people.

I respect Batman and his war against crime as long as he stays on his side and I stay on mine. We're koo.

Come on Dick, when are you going to learn how to spell your last name correctly.

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

@SmoothJammin said:

I love Damian Wayne. <3, <3, <3, The little sh!t :P

I admire Dick Grayzon and Superman, two glorious heroes who don't need a reason to help people.

I respect Batman and his war against crime as long as he stays on his side and I stay on mine. We're koo.

Come on Dick, when are you going to learn how to spell your last name correctly.

When you stop being such a grammer nazi, Bruce.

Fuk da police

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invisible woman, ms marvel, and ben grimm

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@SmoothJammin: I'll stop, when you start wearing some goddamn pants.

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@DarkKnightDetective: Well you know what, bite me. What heap of trash did you emerge from this time Mr. Oscar the Grouch--Atleastitryfindsomethingtosmileabout and OMG it's not my fault I was blessed with the perfect ass ok, the least I can do is swoon you with my presence. I ride my own wave, I don't owe you squat jerkass. I'm an acrobat dammit

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Bane: he was the first villain to successfully defeat Batman and he's always been one of my favorites

Onomatopoeia is another villain I admire and respect for trumping the Dark Knight not only did he become a vigilante to gain Batman's trust he also showed him his face and when Batman turned his back Onomatopoeia slices Silver's neck repeating the sound fiendishly

Kraven the hunter the guy buried Spider-man alive and took his identity

Joker he's got to be one of the most imaginative villains out there I mean can you think of any other Villain that committed mass murder with shards of Poison glass or used magical powers to eat the entire population of china

Roderick Kingsley the original Hobgoblin is another he managed to hypnotize one of Peter's friends into taking up the Hobgoblin mantle as a scape goat.

I'll have to continue listing tomorrow I got to get some work around the house done

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@SmoothJammin: Keep saying that you ride your own wave and someone might believe you, and you're right, you don't owe me anything except can you give me all those gadgets and years of training and all that money that I gave you over the years back? By the way how is that tooth?

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@FiMFTW: I can't stand the guy. TEAM RORSCHACH

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This list is mostly of admiration and respect.


Bobby Drake (Iceman), Richard Rider (Nova Prime), Jon Stewart (Green Lantern) and Wally West (The Flash).

Anime and Manga:

Saiko and Shujin (Bakuman); Simon Jiha (Gurren Lagann), Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail) and Black Star (Soul Eater).

TV and Movies:

Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction), Dr Cal Lightman (Lie to me), Dean Winchester (Supernatural) and Oliver Queen (Arrow).

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm

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Gutts all 3 : Think of every bad thing a human can go though and 9 out of 10 Guts been though it

Raped Check,Lost a limb check,Lost an eye Check,Dead Parents (He was found in his dead mothers womb+ foster mother died in front of him) check,Lost all friends CHECK!!!,Lover Rape CHECK!!!!,Best friend Betray You CHECK(not enough explanation marks in the world),Torture Mental and Physical he deal with them on a nightly basis. After all that, ALL OF THAT he put on his armor Grab his Giant sword,Put on his Black Cape and Move on and Live as a human ''Down to The marrow of his F%$@ING BONES''

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Hip Flask.
 Dash Badhorse.

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Captain Marvel has always been one of my favorites cause he is a true hero and same with Captain america (obviously)

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Many fictional characters have impacted my life greatly. But the two that I respect the most are Bruce Wayne and Cloud Strife.

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I Love admire and respect Clare.

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Itachi and Aizen cause they're badass

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Forever respecting Barry Allen & his outlook on life.

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I've got 2 lists full of franchises with characters that I love and admire.

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Itachi Uchiha, Naruto Uzamaki, Tony Tony Chopper, Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, Luke Skywalker, Neji Hyuga, Corran Horn, Wolverine, Artemis Fowl, Eragon Bromsson, and so many more....

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Love, admire, and respect all these guys:

Hulk: easily my favorite comic book character since childhood.

Kain, Legacy of Kain: he was my introduction to the concept of the anti-hero. He was complex, self-serving while being noble at the same time. I love that he struggled against a pre-ordained destiny in favor of a better future for himself first and everyone else second.. Simon Templeman's voice acting was perfect. Also, he is an awesome example of a vampire. He is a monster. He does not sparkle in the sun.

Manji, Blade of the Immortal: he is incredibly heroic if you consider the other, shady or outright evil government officials, warriors, spies, immortals. He endures horrifying injury and torture. He is committed to a redemption that becomes more and more out of reach the more the world moves on away from the warrior culture Manji is accustomed to. He also guards and protects a teenage girl when really that could have gone down a lot of other, less noble paths.

Seth Morely, A Maze of Death: he breaks a cycle analogous to Samsara and is rewarded.

I guess I really like characters who take control of their destiny... and big, green, irradiated rage monsters.