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SO I bet this has been done a ton before but since I don't care here we go.

My favorite character is

Big Boss

I mean who else he's just so awesome and I cant wait for MGS5 because HE'S BACK BABY!!!

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Most playable characters on Super Mario Kart.

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A toss up between Edge from FFIV, Magus from Chrono Trigger, Miles Edgeworth and Godot from Ace Attorney.

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Cloud Strife.

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Link, Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Crono are my top 4 in no particular order.

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Wow this is a hard question.. Hm, right of the bat ill go with Viconia DeVir or Sarah Kerrigan.

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Comic based. Batman.

Non Comic based,The Courier or Dragonborn.

Old School, Little Mac.

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James Heller, Kratos, Darth Malgus, Darth Revan, Donkey Kong, Samus, the Arbiter, Scorpion, Reptile, Raven and Hwoarang.

Can we do created characters?

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Donkey Kong

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Very rarely I love a specific villain, the exceptions probably being Albert Wesker, Nemesis and Pyramid Head.

Normally I'm big on enemy classes, because the class, depending on the company and game, are often times more fleshed out then most singular enemies.

The Heavy Hitters and Splicers in the Bioshock universe have more life in them then even the Special Infected from the Left 4 Dead series...and I love both franchises!

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Sephiroth. Easy question for me.

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Hmm, probably toss up between Raiden, Mario, Nick Scryer, Scorpion or this guy easily the most badass, powerful ninja in a video game...

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The one who can beat all the rest

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Max Payne.

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Classic: Mario.

Current Gen:

My opinion could change so much on this. I have such childhood memories with TONS of video game characters. I think I'll be keeping my Current/Recent Gen choice. Bayonetta is up there.

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Master Chief.

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Mario: since childhood.

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I believe this thread has been done.