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Favorite Superman Clone(s) and why (32 votes)

Captain Marvel (Shazam!) 53%
Apollo 6%
Mr. Majestic 19%
Samaritan 6%
Icon 9%
Plutonian 9%
Superior 6%
Supreme 13%
Captain Dynamo 0%
Omni-Man 16%
Maximortal 0%
Mighty Man 0%
Megaton Man 0%
Metro Man 0%
The High 0%
Homelander 0%
Immortal 0%
Gladiator 9%
Hyperion 19%

My vote(s): Icon/Supreme

Icon: an ethnic take on the Superman origin, with an alien not landing in the field of a Midwestern white family, but by a slave in a cotton field. Instead of becoming a superhero when he rediscovers his powers, he instead hides the abilities, hoping to not disturb mankind's evolution. When, he does become a superhero, he is criticized by the urban black in Dakota, who see him as a sellout and "white-washed".

Supreme: Alan Moore took Rob Liefeld's poor Superman clone and turned the book into a colorful homage to the Superman comics of the Silver Age. Essentially, it was the proto-All-Star Superman.

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Omni-Man and superior

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Captain Marvel - He's a kid given the powers of the gods and his costume (cheesy as it is) is one of the all-time great superhero costumes.

Hyperion - He's Marvel's first (and still best) Superman pastiche. His quick temper makes him an interesting character.

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Captain marvel of course. He is legend outside of superman's shadow. He was also the first super hero to have a movie


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Son Goku

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@charliejade: I recognize John Carter, but who are the rest?

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@charliejade: Um since when was The Shadow a Superman clone?

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John Carter came before Superman... anyway, I vote Bizarro.

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@charliejade: The Shadow debuted 9 years before Superman and has virtually nothing in common with him.

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Wheres Cyborg Superman?

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: He actually is superman related. He's superman with circuits, bizarro is superman with bleached skin, superboy is superman with angst, supergirl is superman with panties, power girl is supergirl with a nice rack

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@innersuperman: Doesn't being a Superman clone entail having the same powers?

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Blue Marvel?

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Captain Marvel and JMS Hyperion.

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Hyperion,Captain Marvel or Omni-Man.

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@charliejade: warlord of mars came out before superman and the shadow is not a superman clone

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wow i thought that these were gonna be actual clones of superman. i was gonna be lke "Connor Kent duh!!!"

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Shazam!!! Because of Kingdom Come

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Alex Mercer
Martian Manhunter

Captain America
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Captain Marvel, he's greatest Superhero of all time.

Icon, just a cool concept for a backstory.

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Shazam....although I like the one who actually is Superman's clone as well.

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Maybe Plutonian. I was a huge fan of Irredeemable. Hyperion is pretty great too. Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme is one of the great unsung classics of the 80's.

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Supreme, because of the Alan Moore run