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Mine is Captain America (Bucky Barnes). why? because i like what he stands for. He did horrible things in the past, and now he is looking for redemption and the chance to make up for what he did. He doesnt care that almos no one in the super hero community thinks he doesnt deserve to carry the shield, he is willing to do it because in a way, he HAS to, and its the only way he can get to be the person he wants to be, and live the life he wants to live. I loved this character, and i dont like where he is now. :/

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I think this has been done before, hasn't it? Anyway, I guess mine would be Peter Parker. Why? He's uber dope.

I want to say Miles Morales but I've been a fan of Peter for almost 20 years. It'd be disrespectful to dude if I went with Miles.

I also want to say Black Panther but the vibranium suit and the herb killed it for me.

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 Captain America
For the longest time it was Bucky, but in all honesty the first comic book I ever read was a reprint of Captain America #109 which was basically a retelling of Cap's origins. He was the first superhero I was introduced to and the reason I started reading comic books in the first place, he's a hero anyone can look up to.
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Mine will always be Ororo Munroe aka Storm because she has shown great leadership and compassion