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" love changes, and best friends become strangers"

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"I believe what I want

Got you singin' my song

But your seein' me wrong

So what's a matter with me?"

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"Some n*#$?s is forced to do dirt"

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Shake it shake it baby

Shake it shake it baby

Shake it shake it mama

Shake it Cali

Shake it shake it baby

Shake it shake it shake it shake it...

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This is what I mean. There are two threads started today that is the exact same thing. Anyway, enough hating.

Let me serenade the streets of L.A.

From Oakland to Sacktown

The Bay Area and back down

Cali is where they put they mack down

Give me love!

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If you don't become a actor,

You will never be a factor,

Pills with million side effects take them when the felt,

Wash them down with diet soda killing of your brain cell,

Crooked banks around the world would gladly give a loan today,

So if you ever miss a payment they can take your home away -Lupe Fiasco

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So would you just walk on by, cuz I'm too hard to lift

and no this ain't Aerosmith


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Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride

Hell yeah

Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride


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Send me to hell because I aint begging for my life

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Negro please You no mustache havin, with whiskers like a rat Compared to Beans you wack 
- Nas (Ether)
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Startin' static with Dre, make way for the AK

That I bring as I slang like cavy

Not from Kris Kross but they call me Mac Daddy

Had he not known about the city I'm from

Long Beach, tic tac, grab your gat, watch your back

Here I come, stompin' in my kakhi suit


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Call me cliche'd and over used.

"This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will. 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name"

Moderator Online
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Scream at existence, it answers with silence
Silenced the questions without bursts of violence
I'm lost in the maze where I find my reality
I triumph on self defeat and beat myself gradually
I drove myself mad searching for sanity
I lost my way home while exploring the galaxies
I'm fueling these fires that burn my mentality
My muse is abuse and a long road of tragedies
I drown in the depths of my bitter self knowledge
I used all my bravery trying to have courage
I seek for forgiveness but beg to be punished
I fight for my freedom while chained to these gutters
I find all my comforts in deep insecurities
Spoil what's beautiful looking for impurities
I'm buried in the lies trying to live my life truthfully
I sail my ship alone and I'm still having mutinies
I'm wearing a disguise hiding from the phonies
I'm hiding from myself but I'm scared of being lonely
My world's like a cell God created just to hold me
My life's like a game where my death is the trophy

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I'm just tryin to do the opposite of left (right)

as long as there's the opposite of death.(life)

Test me, and I just might bring the opposite of life (death)

till there's no one the opposite of right (left)

- Lupe Fiasco

I just love how you can interchange the descriptions (opposite of left) with the meanings (right), and it still rhymes. Plus, he's rhyming two sets of opposites. Lupe for president.

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Shawty asked me why I look so mad? I say this is how a person with money stands.
- 2 Chainz

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"You know it's funny when it rains it pours.

They got money for wars, but can't feed the poor." 2pac

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The only good n*?#&! iz a dead n*#?&$

Dats what they used to say

Cant understand why a man
Gotta use a trigga
On his own, suppose to act grown

Cracka in da back
Watch a brother pull a trigga on another brother

Couldn't shoot and shot a mother

Four kids alone home

Ungrown & now they on they own
Now check yourself cool
What good iz da hood if ya actin a fool

Talkin dat gattalk, walkin dat catwalk

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 "Religion is shit and it's all poison"
every line from this song Tomb Stone Da Deadman aka Rational Warrior is the best of the underground

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Here comes the hotstepper, murderer

I'm the lyrical gangster, murderer

Big up the crew in-a de area, murderer

Still love you like that, murderer


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One lonely evening alone home

End up with carpal tunnel syndrome

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I'm not fly I am levitation. Nicki Minaj

I get what you get in 10 years in 2 days. Chris Brown

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I'll be the infamous

Who leaks the witnesses, crack's the wickedest

Run up in your crib, blast your kids

Ain't no myth in this, shit's official

I'll pistol-whip you with my Smith & Wesson

Cause my investin' was sendin rappers to heaven

Gives me an erection

You need protection from the smooth assassin

Who really moves at action, blastin' mothafuckas

Execution fashion

Now who's the fat one that you love to hate

Catch you at your mother's wake, smack you

Then I'll wack you with my snub 38

It doesn't take much to make me restless

Look at my face and definite lose your breath

truck my face is Lexus

You want to test this, so really?,

I'll make one call and have the whole WU comin' on the ferry

I'm very dangerous and well-connected

I puff an L with Method, then try to

Decide who's next to fill his neck slit

So respected and admired the boss, retired your lost

Wu Tang, your terror squad, vaya con Dios!

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“You wake up late for school, man you don’t wanna go / You ask your mom please, but she still says no”

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with two double barrels pointin at whatever

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Boom I got you're boyfriend. XD

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Put the 40 to the dome of ya business suit
- 2 Chainz
N!gg@s talking blah, blah and I'm smoking la la
- 2 Chainz

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“Don’t push me ‘cause I’m close to the edge / I’m tryin’ not to lose my head” - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5

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“Alright stop / Collaborate and listen / Ice is back with a brand new invention” - Vanilla Ice

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My brain is a smart bomb, combined with Oppenhiemer design 
Mind blowing, samurai ronin 
Sleep with my third eye open (scoping) 
Candles are played out 
On my next birthday, make a death wish then blow my brains out 
- Possessed  
F*** the world with a big D*** 
grab mother earth leave the b!tch with her throat slit 
- Chester P 
Holy paragraphs, what kind of shit is that, 
I'm Jesus in the flesh so this is muthaf****** christian rap 

I can't change laws sons, that's a government issue 
  But I'll break laws with a gun, that's a government issue 
  It's the army we got power and numbers 
  And that's nines, forty-fives, and three-five-sevens, and m-500s 
- Celph Titlked
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Back to the top from the jailhouse
- Mystikal

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“Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn / If your girl starts actin’ up, then you take her friend” - Sugar Hill Gang

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I like big butts and I cannot lie / You other brothers can’t deny” - Sir Mix-A-Lot

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Are you accounted for? who brung you, you don't speak the code bro, ya slick tongue done hung you
- Currensy

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Showing no signs of letting up, still kick you in the head, like I think you on the verge of getting up
- Currensy

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And I’m known as such / And this is a beat you can’t touch”

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“Thinkin’ of a master plan / Ain’t nothing but sweat inside my hand” - Eric B. And Rakim

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Ain't got no time for company honey, I'm trying build one of them
- Currensy

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I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8

and I yelled to the cab, "YO HOME SMELL YA LATA!"

I looked at my kingdom I was finally there

to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel Air

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So to you other kids all across the land / Take it from me, parents just don’t understand”

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Out on bail, fresh outta jail, California dreamin’ / Soon as I step on the scene I’m hearin’ hoochies screamin’” - 2pac

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"I'm like a street sweeper, greenleaf reaper

Like Greeks in Egypt, learnin somethin deep from they teachers

I'm like crime, like your nine, your man you would die for

Always got you, I'm like Pop Duke you would cry for

I'm like a whole lot of loot, I'm like crisp money

Corporate accounts from a rich company

I'm like ecstasy for ladies, I'm like all races

combined in one man; like the '99 summer jam

Bulletproof Hummer man

I'm like being locked down around new faces, and none of em fam'

I'm the feelin of a millionaire spendin a hundred grand

I'm a poor man's dream, a thug poet

Live it, and I write down and I watch it blow up

Y'all know what I'm like, y'all play it in your system every night" Nas - Nas Is Like

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While I'm battling these rival crews
Yes, BDP would stay in the street news
Some said all they wanna do is battle
They can't write a song, so their careers won't last long
Around this time I used to hang with Ced Gee
And DJ Scott La Rock used to buy gold with Eric B
I didn't meet Rakim till later with Scott
I remember we were jammin' at the rooftop
It used to irk me when these critics had opinions
Scott would say "Just keep rappin', I'll keep spinnin'"
We had a fucked up contract, but we signed it
And dropped the hip-hop album Criminal Minded
We told the critics your opinions are bull
Same time Eric B and Rakim dropped Paid in Full
Hip-hop pioneers we didn't ask to be
But right then hip-hop changed drastically
People didn't wanna hear the old rap sound
We started samplin' beats by James Brown
In the middle of doin' My Philosophy
Scott was killed and that shit got to me
But knowin' the laws of life and death
I knew his breath, was one with my breath
I had nothin' left and it was scary
So I dropped By All Means Necessary
Another hip-hop group that was a friend of me
Was a revolution crew called Public Enemy
It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
These two albums set off consciousness in rap
But all along, I'm still lookin' around
And all I can see are these rap groups fallin' down

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Supertide caught most of mine, lol

Then there's "Insane in the membrane"

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I once contemplated suicide, and woulda tried

But when I held that 9, all I could see was my momma's eyes

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"Say she only f-cked like 4-5 n-ggas, so you know you gotta multiply by 3." 

"When you're reaching your dreams, you've got reason to brag.
"Y'all n-ggas John Q. Y'all ain't got the heart for it.
"I'll lay your body in that box so comfortably, church.  
Lay a n-gga six feet beneath Earth  
While the preacher search the Bible for a verse, rest in peace
-Beanie Sigel.  
"You got an alligator mouth and a hummingbird @$$. 
Your mouth writing checks that your @$$ can't cash. 
145 and I'm outta your weight class. 
Wanna survive, you better scramble like eggs and break fast. 
Cause I know how to handle your fake @$$. 
I'm a ride on your and hide you in yesterday's trash. 
Pull up in the Chevy spraying rounds through the glass. 
See you laying face down in the grass and a laugh. 

"I get the cookie dough, then I cook it raw. 
I bake 'em whole, gimme a line out the cookie jar. 
Gimme the pot, gimme the egg beater.
I got six senses, I see dead people.  
I can sell 'em whole, but I like to serve slabs. 
I live in a bird house, my kitchen got a bird bath. 
I give the bird's bath, it's different ones you can cop. 
My stove's like a pond, I got swans in the pot.  
I hit the block with blocks so block parties start. 
I'm in the hood busting bricks like it's martial arts. 
Now it's dinner time, so I'm cooking chicken soup. 
Birds in my 645, call it a chicken coup."
"When I play stones, it rains dollar bills. 
That's why my n-gga's at the house with 'bout half-a-mill.

 -Diego Cash. 

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Look at me

Look at me

Driving and I won't stop

And it feels so good to be

Alive and on top

My reach is global

My tower secure

My cause is noble

My power is pure

I can hand out a million vaccinations

Or let'em all die in exasperation

Have'em all healed of their lacerations

Have'em all killed by assassination

I can make anybody go to prison

Just because I don't like'em

~ the Flobots

Ive been

Traveling the land from gravel into sand

Not knowin where Im going never havin any plans

Anything I wanted had to grab it in advance

Abracadabra theres a rabbit in my hands cause

Ive got the magic stick bust the baddest tricks

Fished for a whale brought a ship up out of it

Whats that I just saw? A platypus? Naw.

Maybe its a rat crawling flat on his paws

or a baby dragon just dragon his claws

It doesnt really matter

because its Saturday,

so look thataway

30 clock matinee,

lets collaborate

and Ill pay you back soon

with a crazy rap tune.

But for now were just gazing at the moon

~ the Flobots again :p

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"But time moves slow when the clock's overweight eating those who wait as opposed to create"

-Blue Scholars

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The type of cats that'll randomly murder serial killers 
I'm an angry person that'll hang you from a dangling curtain 
For certain I'm like Satan lurkin' through paintings and serpents 
-Celph Titled

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"Any n-gga with the nerve to say another man name
When that other man ain't even present 
And deny it when somebody ask him about it 
That n-gga's a lame
"If you stressin' to get buried 
My n-ggas'll send you back to the essence in a hurry. 
Sippin' Crunk Juice, blowin' Dutchies in the Chevy. 
Try to figure me out dawg, I'm light but I'm heavy.


Skip to 2:51 - 3:08. :) 
That verse had me hyped up after Obama was elected. LOL. 
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@Static Shock: I love that remix. There's better quality though...