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Poll: Favorite Quentin Tarantino Film? (32 votes)

Reservoir Dogs 9%
Pulp Fiction 34%
Kill Bill 13%
Death Proof 0%
Inglorious Basterds 3%
Django Unchained 19%
Other 9%
Not a fan 13%

Which was your favorite and why?

I'm tied between Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds, but I'm expecting Pulp Fiction to get the most.

#1 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8346 posts) - - Show Bio

Jackie Brown hands down, I think its the best demonstration of his abilities as a director with some solid performances and isn't as self indulgent as some of his later works.

#2 Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek (21301 posts) - - Show Bio

Pulp Fiction, with Kill Bill second.

I mean, you just can't beat

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#3 Posted by King Saturn (218938 posts) - - Show Bio

Django Unchained maybe the Greatest Movie I have ever Seen.

#4 Posted by Glitch_Spawn (17179 posts) - - Show Bio

Pulp Fiction is the obvious answer followed by Reservoir Dogs. That said, I still haven't seen Django Unchained.

#5 Edited by Uncanny_Doom (515 posts) - - Show Bio

It's Django, but Pulp Fiction is so close.

#6 Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan (4543 posts) - - Show Bio

Reservoir Dogs is my favorite but Pulp Fiction is a very close second

#7 Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones (15465 posts) - - Show Bio

Django It was just so cool

#8 Posted by KnightRise (4811 posts) - - Show Bio

Django was amazing, but it wasn't an exposition in prose like Pulp FIction and Resevoir Dogs; or whatever I bullsh*tted on my english final. In all seriousness, they weren't the same type of film.

#9 Edited by Icarusflies (12949 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't decide between Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds.

I enjoyed Django a lot, but not as much as either of those.

#10 Edited by Xanni15 (6791 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a fan, IMO he's one of the most overrated directors/movie makers of all time. I just never got the appeal of his movies, especially after noticing how similar they are all to each other, like he just wants to make the same movie over and over but in different settings.

#11 Edited by Dabee (2421 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked Inglourious Basterds. But maybe that's just because I'm a Jew and I like seeing Nazi's get the crap kicked out of them.

Well, I really liked it. :-/ He has a lot of great stuff, though.

#12 Posted by turoksonofstone (13683 posts) - - Show Bio
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#13 Posted by Duncan (11482 posts) - - Show Bio

I still need to watch Death Proof.

#14 Edited by Madame_Mist (1337 posts) - - Show Bio

Kill Bill though Django was badass.

#15 Edited by WaveMotionCannon (6484 posts) - - Show Bio

Where dafuq is Jackie Brown? How could that not be on the list ?

#16 Posted by z1co80 (192 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved the Kill Bill films

#17 Posted by The Stegman (29606 posts) - - Show Bio

Pulp Fiction, my favorite movie of all time.

#18 Posted by laflux (21312 posts) - - Show Bio

Django Unchained maybe the Greatest Movie I have ever Seen.

#19 Posted by Bruxae (16777 posts) - - Show Bio

Im not really a fan of Tarantino's work, especially later ones.

#20 Posted by JohnnyGat (1592 posts) - - Show Bio

Tied between Django and Reservoir Dogs

#21 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio

Pulp Fiction.

#22 Posted by krilling (2497 posts) - - Show Bio

Django Unchained. Actually the only film by Tarantino I really like.

#23 Posted by TDK_1997 (15980 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not a fan of his movies.

#24 Edited by Walzo (4365 posts) - - Show Bio

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs as a close second.

#25 Posted by FalconPuuunch (947 posts) - - Show Bio

All the films.

#26 Edited by The_Tree (8576 posts) - - Show Bio

Reservoir Dogs, it's my favorite movie of all time. I can watch it anytime, repeatedly. Mr. Blonde's "Stuck in the Middle With You" scene is incredible, I love Mr. Orange, and the ending is great.

Django is probably my second favorite, followed by Pulp Fiction.