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im going to a costume party... party is anything from comics, what do you think would be a great costume to wear that would be easy to make or easy to find? i dont want to do the normal superman/spiderman etc
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Fancy Dress? or costume party?

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i thought it was fancy... you mean youre going to a costume party. well which characters do you like most?

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Fancy Dress: White Tux

Costume Party: Ghost Rider

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oh yeah... costume, thanks

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can't go with being the monopoly guy.

just buy everything with monopoly money

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If you're going as a superhero, pretty well any costume minus a few are easy to put together if you have a Value Village or Salvation Army Store around. Otherwise, Rocky Horror costumes are always fun.

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im thinking of going as ash williams... all i need is a fake shotgun a blue shirt, lots of fake blood and a chainsaw i can strap on to my arm! lol actually i think the chansaw will be easy, i can get a broken chainsaw for $15 and then i'll just take the oil tank gas tank and engine out, hollow the back, screw or rivet a handle inside and smother it in blood... the punisher may be the easiest character?