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When do you think its going to come out?

Whats your wishlist for this game?

Where will it take place? Or where do you want it to?

I wish Bethesda would hurry up and make this, they should've did this before Skyrim IMO. What about yours?

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We already had 2 Fallouts between ES IV and V, Skyrim deserved the 2011 release more I think.

It's just about 100% likely that it will use the Creation Engine, which is sweet, I'm very excited about the possibility of dual wielding all one-handed weapons. More enemy variety is needed, more than just Supermutants, Raiders and a couple of Misc. radioactive monstrosities.

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My wishlist is for it to exist. Hopefully it's coming out soon. The releases are even so far. 2 Elder Scrolls games and 2 Fallout games. Since Skyrim was the last to come out I'm sure Fallout 4 will be next. As for where it might take place I'm not sure. I loved loved loved New Vegas, but that might just be because it had better writers crafting its universe. That also brings up the question of whether Bethesda themselves will make the next game or if they will get someone else to do it like they did with New Vegas.

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The guy who voices 3 Dog said He'll be back for 4

And one of the guys who Made New Vegas when asked about the location said "I don't know but Vegas was fun wasn't it."

I think its gonna connect DC and Vegas

Wouldn't mine seeing Atlanta or Philidelphia

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not getin

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I would love to see England, London to be specific, but I think it would take place in another state of America

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they should do one in the capital of china the place that got bombed the most

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With Elder Scrolls online coming out I'd rather Bethesda finish that then give their full attention to Fallout 4. I don't want the same thing that happen to Mass Effect 3 to happen to Fallout4.

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If Fallout 4 has a multiplayer system ala Red Dead style

That'd be great.

Also a really engaging story like FO3, because personally, New Vegas wasn't as satisfying. I guess its because /certain/ people (@whitesgplayer) chooses to be in the Leigon.