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Hypothetically speaking, if the end of world was to come this year what would  your do with your last days on the planet, hang out with friends, family, and loved one's and party. Loot stuff,  etc?

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get chocolate wasted

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I'm already there.

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spend my final moments having hanky panky... 
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Smoke, get laid, hang with friends and eat the best damn last meal ever.

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Find my friend, tell her how much I love her, and pray with her.

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Spend the last remaining hours with my family

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Spend it with my family.

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smoke a cigar,drink some beer while playing DOOM on PC

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I know having sex is always the first response on guy's mind and I would do it (but in special way: a redhead, a black girl, an Asian with a shemale, a bbw and a midget....crazy I know), take my mother to the beach and collect sea shells as we listen to oldies music (motown, beach boys, jimmy buffet), hang out with friends and the comic book store...

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Prevent it.

But seriously, I'll probably just hang out with the people really close to me.

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Shine the Bat-signal into the sky. I reckon Batman could probably do something to save the world.

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Cry all day... I afraid to die honestly, its an eternity of nothingness for some heaven and hell for others...

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Eat the most enchiladas anyone has ever attempted, brood like there is no tomorrow and pass out in my own vomit.

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I would implement apocalypse plan 1 if that fails move on to plan 2 if that fail go on to plan 3 ect. it all depends on how it going to happen really

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I'd eat some bacon and drink Sprite.

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I want to reenact the Lion King scene :3

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Either just game or workout.

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- I would check off as many things from my own personal bucket list as I could

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Not believe it and go on as usual till it actually ended.....then I'll be dead and it wouldn't matter anyway.....

now if the world was ending with a bang and all that bad stuff predicted everywhere then I'd probably be hiding out and trying to protect my family till the end.....then die and it would be all for naught anyway

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I will use the bathroom.

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Go to California.

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I want to be outside when/if it happens.

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Get laid say goodbye to the folks, Go on Comicvine hang with muh buds Icarusflies,PowerHerc,InnerVenom123,Billy Batson, (Mainly cause they're the only ones who talk to me :3) and then go with Death Smiling and offering to buy him a drink

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See a friend in Sweden, then return home and spend my final days with my family.

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1. Go to a nuclear reactor and use the radiation to try and give myself super-powers! Doesn't matter if it fails i'll die either way!

2. Sleep

3. Spend it with friends an family I guess

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Save the world. Have a movie made about me. Get the girl. The usual. 

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Sex with a stripper.

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Gonna be shooting guns at a tree.

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@spystreak said:

smoke a cigar,drink some beer while playing DOOM on PC

Like a boss!~

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Party like it's 1999

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Stand somewhere with a good view and laugh as I greet Armageddon.

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@Samimista said:

@spystreak said:

smoke a cigar,drink some beer while playing DOOM on PC

Like a boss!~

exactly :)

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I'm personally tired hearing about the end of the world... I've been told the world was going to end since the suppose Y2K... I'm just going to live my life.

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Break out my lawn chair and a case of beer and watch everyone freak out of something they can do nothing about

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I would tell my friends I love them. Sit on my roof with a bottle of Jameson and watch the end come.

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Not believe it, I think most people legitimately won't. Consider it and discuss it maybe, but act on it and hide in a bomb shelter, throw away their future strides and plans, ect. No. It would pretty much come across as the boy who cried wolf. Everyone's been told the world is going to end soon, in so many ways and all of them claimed by the public to be proven, legitimate and absolute. Yet here I am and here all of you are, with one or more definitive end of the world announcement's hanging over our heads as we type and breath, yet...

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Cheer Up, It's probably all Hogwash.

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Try and catch up on all the graphic novels I have not read yet. Cook a wonderful meal for my family. Play board games with my son. Dress in my best. Tell my family I love them. Cheers!

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Sit on top of the tallest building town, grab food, friends and portable radio and watch the end arrive.