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I am thinking about going to school for EMT/Paramedic. I was wondering if anybody on the vine was either, or knows a Paramedic or EMT.

I had a couple of questions like, what are you hours? What's it like on the Job? Do you work for the hostpital, private ambulance company, or for the fire department? Which of the 3 is the best? Would you recemmoned it?

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Before deciding on my major I thought about doing EMT/Paramedic but after researching it, I found out that the field is overflowing with people and doesn't pay that well on average (this does actually count), both of those are true at least in Florida. The college I currently go to is pumping out over 50 EMT/Paramedic and firefighters per semester and those who I have talked to (including a few friends) have said that there are ZERO jobs open, they've been forced to either go to another county/state (still no guarantee) or to school again for another major. The very few I know who have found jobs are those with connections to people, maybe a family member or friend who can put in a good word for you.

EMT's down here get paid around 19k a year, which if you consider the time and money spent on school and future career growth, isn't a lot. I know you are probably going into it because of something other than money but your salary is important for the future. One of my instructors is an EMT, he loves it but says that the job can get very stressful at times (like most in the medical fields). Showing up to accident scenes when people are seriously injured or even deceased, family members freaking out, constantly on the move, watching people die and being able to do nothing sometimes, etc.

Hours and pay obviously vary depending on who you work for. I would think that private would pay more, but don't really know.

If it's something you are seriously interested in, I think you could do some good. Maybe see if you could talk to someone already in the field and ask them questions you might have. :]

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Cool thanks. I acutally live in florida. I know 2 firefighters, another guy who is a emt/fire fighter, and I know the fire chief. I have always been interested in helping people, (and be able to "transport" them like Frank Castle.) I will have to look into it more, right now I am only 15, So I still got 2 and half years before I can actually go to school for emt.