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we all know that emma frost is a potential telekinetic & that telekinesis is part of her mutation & psychic powers but she don't have acsess to it ,that's why it's a latent power. but mabye if she survives after the events of AvX (wich i personaly hope she does & she appered in all new x-men cover with cyclops ,magik ,magneto & an unknown guy, so she probebly will survive.YAY) mabye after the phoenix force leaves her ,it awakens her latent powers ,making her a telekinetic. but of course the writeres have to make her a low level telekinetic & she won't be able to acsess her telekinesis nor telepathy in her diamond form. but do we really want a telekinetic & a telepathic emma frost ? will that make her anthor clone of jean grey ? especially that jean grey will be back & she is a telekinetic ,hellion is also telekinetic ,cable,psylocke & rachel r also ,do we need anthor telekinetic ? will that affect her as a charecter & make her uper-powerful ? will it be a mess like when psylocke first gained telekinesis ? telepathy ,telekinesis & diamond form. do we want this power set ?

i personaly don't. LOL. i think she reached her full potenial as a psychic ,she is now one of the strongest psychics in the marvel universe ,if not the strongest. i think thye should increase her strength is her diamond form ,making her able to lift up to 10 tons mabye rather than 2 tons. increase her durbality & making her without a flaw & not easy to shatter if it's possible. making her with strong hand-to-hand combat & some impoveded fighting skills. i gess that would be enough. what do u think ?

be free to comment.

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Seeing Emma in more hand to hand combats would be great -- it was great to see her go up against Thor and perform some nifty manoeuvres with same bad@ss commentary to go with it. (Some artistically inspired perspectives were *ahem* a tad cringe-worthy).

I do think anyone touched by the Phoenix should have some permanent alteration. Not huge, but something (like the Cuckoos and their inability to feel due to their hearts holding shards of the PF although that's been dropped like a hot potato).

Food for thought -- great suggestions.

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I agree with somethings and have even talked about some of them like her strength issue being only 2 tons and more h2h fights would be great in a blog some odd months ago. Some other things I disagree with like getting rid of her flaw, she is already ridiculously durable and getting rid of it just seems to take away some kind of chance for threats against her. And I think her being an improved fighter has to have a limit. She is already good enough to fight fodder opponents with finesse showing she isn't a brawler and she is better than most people give her credit for. Yet you improve her too much and it starts to take away from Psylocke. There have always been 2 things I didn't ever want to happen to Emma and exploring her TK is one and her becoming too good of a fighter. You have to find the right balance for the latter so it doesn't take away from Betsy.

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@god_spawn: i agree with u. i don't want her to have both ,telekinesis & improved fighting skills ,cuz that would make her a psylocke clone. i just thought that she should have one of them. i hardly disagree on her being a telekinetic, i just wanted to hear other people opinion about it & thought that mabye marvel would make her a telekinetic after the phoenix leaves her. when it comes to what i want ,wich is the improving fighting skills ,i want her to have an advanced but yet reguler h2h combat ,i didn't say i want her on psylocke's level ,that would be over. i just want her a reguler fighter ,cuz i never saw something that impresed me from her, she just do normal kicks & punches ,i want her to leap ,double kicks & avoid attacks ,something like that.

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She's telekinetic after she makes you think that.

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@7am_Waking_Up_In_The_Morning said:

She's telekinetic after she makes you think that.

lol. thta's called telepathy & won't affect anything physicaly. in fact ,people with telepathy can have all knid of powers ,but in the minds of others & the astral plane. not the physical plane!