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he was the brains behind mk and injustice

maybe mk 10 or maybe injustice 2?

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Haha..Yeah EA is lazy when it comes to developing games..And Ed Boon need to stay the f*ck away from a new Injustice Game..Honestly!

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MK 10 more likely

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MK 10, With Shinnok as the antagonist - I hope

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Hopefully it's another Mortal Kombat.

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Mortal Wombat spinoff game?

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@_gaff_ said:

MK 10, With Shinnok as the antagonist - I hope

honestly i think it very well could be a injustice sequel only because of how the comic book movie genre is becoming a thing for pop culture now and hey who wouldnt want to cash in on such a genre now?. also the idea of batman superman and wonder woman in the same film in 2015 man oh man that would be awesome marketing.

or and i know this may be a shot in the dark but maybe just maybe 2 more dlc charachters for current injustice since there are 2 spots left and the game of the year edition is out so

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Please let it be MK 10.

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MK 10 plz.

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um did I miss it?

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ugh i hate EA >:( nobody wants to spend $60 on 70% complete game to only have to pay another $40 to actually get the entire game, plus and a additional $20 for a online pass......and then another $20 for a expansion...............

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Mortal Kombat 10 would be Nice...

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It's going to be MK 10. It's gonna be quite a while till we get Injustice 2 (though I would be pleased if it were announced instead).

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Mortal Kombat 10 would be Nice...

eh i prefer a injustice sequel honestly. i love mk but boon did tweet a fan asking isnt 9 enough

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I'd be excited about a new MK but Boone sucks ass at doing DLC..

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The joke's on us.