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I don't know why but I've been a freak and have been researching this stuff for the past couple of weeks now...

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Bring it aliens! I will fight you on the street!

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@mysterioususername said:

Bring it aliens! I will fight you on the street!

Fight me irl

Only in Chicago and you have to be benching before hand.

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The Men In Black are real. There are aliens around us....like Justin Bieber.

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There probably have been aliens here, we might have seen some walking among us and didn't even know it (i.e. Martian Manhunters powers).

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I really do hope we will find extraterrestrial beings in my life time even if its just microscopic bugs

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quick, we need to find the Prothean data on Mars and get our butts to the Citadel!

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Or maybe we really are all alone.

I hope the author wasn't serious about this sentence.

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@crimsoncake: The truth may hurt my friend.

like it or not, IT IS a possibility. an unlikely one, sure, one most don't believe, including myself, sure, but no an impossibility

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Its possible, I actually think if there is alien life in the Universe around our level of development its likely they could have space probes similar to ours floating around in space. Statistically speaking its virtually impossible that Earth is the only planet with life on it and bearing that in mind its highly possible these aliens could assume that they may be the only sentient life form in the universe and that they may have space programs similar to ours if they are at or near our level of development. To be fair its also just as likely that all other life in the universe is plant or bacterial life but we have no where near enough evidence to state anything as a solid fact about extraterrestrial life.

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@jorgevy: Statistically it is actually highly unlikely that Earth is the only life bearing world in the Universe, its simple numbers really, they've discovered many planets that meet all the standards required to sustain life , the likelihood that these are all lifeless worlds is actually pretty low.

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Maybe we are all aliens and don't know it and are waiting for the mothership to...

Wait a sec. That's Scientology. Never mind.

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Well we are the only life in a ridiculously wide radius.

It would be logical that we would be of interest to other life forms.

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I'd think that the aliens wouldn't be more advanced than humans, as many films portray. They'd probably be around the 60's era in terms of technology.

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They think we care anout them.
Yeah, why would we?
Their society sucks!!!!