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I just recently read this article about a supermassive black hole. The article states that it just recently discovered a superassive black hole in our next door neighbor galaxy. However, what you see it not in real-time. Or whatever the scientist see in their telescopes is not happening in real-time, but it is happening in the past. Yes, you heard right. These things that we view outside of our sphere of observation (Earth) is not happening in the real-time of our time. In our perspective, what we see is real-time events, however, the things we observe are always happening before our eyes or other 4 senses register them. For example, did you know that when you look at the sun, you are really seeing the light that was already projected 8 minutes before you look up in the sky and at the sun? Yes. the distance between our sun and the Earth causes a delay in what we sense in real-time. For example, if we are looking up into the sky at the sun, and that sun went Super Nova and exploded.... Our eyes will only see the sun at it always looked like. 8 minutes later our senses wouldn't even pick up the realization that the sun exploded because by the time of the 8th minute, we would already be dead.

This is the same thing with us observing other galaxies.

So when we see other galaxies that are 60 million light years away from us, we are actually viewing that galaxy's past by a few 10 million years!

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If aliens did exist in a planet of NGC 1365 and had powerful telescopes. In our time line... If they used they're telescope to observe Earth, they will not see us on Earth, but they would be seeing the dinosaurs instead. That's because of the Light-Year delay.

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Of course.

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Thanks for reading.

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Wow. We're so f**ked.