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Well, sh*t.

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Fack! They are assimilating.

*Oh long Johnson.*

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They're learning...

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Is it weird that I find this a cute article?

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The animals know how to use weapons we are all doomed................

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Its sounds like TV made up stuff... Don't let it poison your mind.

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Man's best friend my a**

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@god_spawn said:

Fack! They are assimilating.

*Oh long Johnson.*

You're speaking cat, not dog.  
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this sounds like some Elmer Fudd type sh!t... 
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Evolution is happening before our eyes!

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Put your gun on safe......what an idiot.

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Dog pls

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Bite the hand that feeds you? Nah He stepped his game up.

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This is kind of a double edged sword. This shouldn't have happened to the poor guy, but then again, we could train dogs to do this for police forces.


I mean.... protect citizens....

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Pretty soon dogs will be playing FPS on Xbox Live.

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Proof that cats are the superior pets.

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@k4tzm4n: Maybe this dog taught it to the cat? Maybe he was in the original video and had the gun pointed at the cat from a distance out of frame and mouthed those words other wise the cat would get got which is why he was freaking out?