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I live in Seattle basically. I've heard of some Russian mafia happenings, but of course I've never noticed anything like that; I hear that Chicago and New York still have massive mob followings. I have no knowledge of any of this nor do I know how to find out about it.

My question to you is, does the mafia still exist in power or not, comic vine?

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Of course the Mafia still exist in some cities. They're just glorified gangs basically. My mom babysat a kid when she was in highschool that is now in the mafia. For some reason Agawam Mass has a lot of mafia guys, *shrug* go figure.

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I'd be thoroughly surprised if they don't... Although I'm fairly certain that gangs probably are a lot more common than mafias.

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If you mean the original Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, they still exist. But lot of their capos had been arrested.

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I doubt it, and if they do they're a shadow of their former self.

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Mafias are around. Not as powerful as they used to be, but still around.

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Yes they are still around like lykopis said they could be called gangs or mobs but they are around. Mafia is an Italian word so mafia is just Sicilian gangsters. Mobs and gangs are still around.

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Yeah of course they are still about, it's called the Government.

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@Omega Ray Jay said:

Yeah of course they are still about, it's called the Government.


"Be water my friend"

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What if I said I was part of the mafia?

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The Five Families in New York City are still very powerful when it comes to organized crime.

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I wish they still wore suits and fedoras.

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What about the tongs and the yakuza.

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@Crimsonlord53 said:

What about the tongs and the yakuza.

The Yakuza are still around and are still in control of organized crime in Japan, especially the Yamaguchi-gumi.

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of course they exist. every country has its own mafia. yakuza, triads, casa nostra, russian mafia etc. off topic play sleeping dogs for triad experience.

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I thought the federal government was the mafia...

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@minigunman123:Yes they still exist, their just not big over here anymore. The Italian Mafia still runs Italian/Sicilly's CrimeWorld (I hear), than theirs the Yukuza in Japan, Triad in China, Russian Mod in Russia, Columbian Drug Cartel ect. Their just not big in america. d^_^b

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@Imagine_Man15: theres the mexican mafia and there pretty powerful

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Interesting! Makes me wonder if the stuff I've heard about their being Russian Mafia near Tacoma/Seattle is false o.0 I've read from several people that there is plenty of stuff that goes on near here involving drugs, and my driver's ed instructor knew of one place where people sometimes sold drugs to customers... Creepy stuff!

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Not as big or powerful as Italian and Russian mobs, but there is a such thing as the Dixie Mafia in the South. Back in the day they were mostly bikers that ran drugs, extortion, hits, etc... They are kind of unheard of now.

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Yes. The Mafia still has a lot of power in this country. Influence and corruption exist in the music industry, police department, construction sectors, etc.

Also, there is Albanian and Russian organized crime in parts of New York City. Parts of South Boston and Hell's Kitchen still have some Irish organized crime.