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My sister watches it but she also enjoys Once Upon A Time which I think ruins her credibility.

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First off, that's kind of hilarious.

Second, I have not watched it, but I know a lot of people who rave about it, and have told me I ought to watch it. I make a rule of pretty much never watching anything anyone recommends (joking, but it's turned out that way for the most part regardless), but enough people have said it that I think it's probably at least worth checking out.

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No. the first couple of season yes but after that it just drops off an just isn't the same

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According to Tumblr, it will destroy every feeling you've ever had.

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It's awesome watch it now. Deans a badass.

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The first five seasons are definitely worth a watch. After that I heard the quality drops off a lot. And Sam's hair just becomes insane. Like, you'll wonder if all scissors are haunted in the Supernatural universe.

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Watch up until the end of the first encounter with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There's a huge part after that that is required, but afterwards it becomes a Revelation splattered hogwash of a show. And I'm a huge fan of the Winchester brothers, for crying out loud!

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i watch both , and they are damn good shows , lost girl also .

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it's great up until season 5 ends. after that it's just not as good.

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I liked the first couple of seasons. When they turned everything into a religious war it got old. I love the Wendigo episode. It is at its high points when it is dealing with monsters, not religious wars.

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@_Zombie_ said:

it's great up until season 5 ends. after that it's just not as good.


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I would have recommended it three seasons ago..now...meh.

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@_Zombie_ said:

it's great up until season 5 ends. after that it's just not as good.

This, pretty much

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alright well i will check it out. i just got done with Sherlock and i like having a show to watch on my down time. ive been through the Justice League three times so i need to move on.