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League of Legends is an awesome fee to play game. Its the biggest free to play mmo. Its really fun. 
Im really tired of getting teams with people that have bad players or people that dont speak english. Im at level 30, but im willing to teach people how to play and get a low level account to help.
Is there anyone here who plays League of Legends? Or would like to play?
Its DOTA inspired.
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wow.... never thought I would see a thread about this here o.o 
I can't play it cause I have a Mac v.v and LoL isn't Mac friendly... but I know about four girls who play the game lol If I had a PC I would probably play it lol
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Played it and didn't like it.
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No, don't play MMOs.

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I do.

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i used to play it , but due to lots of noobs and trolls that game had  , i quit. now i'm playing nostale.

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I don't like the ariel view thing.
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no sorry I don't

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Should I...?
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I play do! And I'm so excited about it, that I'm resurrecting this thread.

LOL players add me. "The Reignmaker"

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No dont play,never heard of it till this thread got bumped.

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Ofcourse i do. Played it since 3 years back so i got much good and bad memories of the game like teaming up to kill Baron Nashor or Dragon.