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Does anyone else do impressions? If so, of who?

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I can do Scooby Doo, and I used to could do Courage the cowardly dog.

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Helloooooo Gothamcitay! Jokah, heeah!

(Also Penguin and surprisingly Lobo.)

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Heh. Wanna hear my Tom Hanks impression?

No? Ok...

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My unusually deep voice allows me to imitate Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, James Earl Jones, Gantu, Hank Hill, Cleveland Brown, Stanley Hudson, Sean Connery, Brad Garrett, and Ving Rhames.

Apart from those kind of voices, I can do Carl from Jimmy Neutron, Steve Urkel, Patrick Cassels, and pretty much any nerdy character as it's not all that different from my own.

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Lol! I try but I always end up sounding like myself. xD My brother can do a good Kermit the Frog impression though. =O

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@joygirl said:

Helloooooo Gothamcitay! Jokah, heeah!

(Also Penguin and surprisingly Lobo.)

That sounded just uncanny.

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I like to do Bane impressions all the time.

"Baby! Cover over na....I got something special planned for you"

"And you think this gives you power over me?"

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  • Shockwave(g1)
  • Dr Claw
  • That old woman who says chocolate from Spongebob
  • Arnold Schwarzenator
  • Sean Connery
  • Tobi with i from family guy
  • Cleveland from family guy
  • Heath Ledger Joker
  • Andrew Luck
  • Lobo
  • Bruticus(foc)
  • Bale Batman
  • Vera de Milo

I can mainly do deep voices......

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I do a great Jedixman.

"Fantomax solos"

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I can do quite a few people...just how well I can do all of them I don't know, but I like to think my Ronald Reagan is pretty good.

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I constantly practice with out giving it a thought

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I can do the Nolanverse Batman, Bane and Joker pretty well.

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Nolan Joker

Nolan Bane

i Can replicate the What's UP song Almost Perfectly

Some Random hillbilly Named Billy. yea...

a Decent Skeletor.

King Shultz From Django

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Its actually a mini hobby of mine, I dont do any specific ones exceptionally though I think, but I dare say im decent at most!

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I do. Not sure how good I am though.

Some I like doing and that I tend to do.

Megatron (G1 or sort of a Prime version, Beast Wars version too)

Cobra Commander

Emperor Palpatine

Soundwave (Either G1 or the Dr Claw sounding one)


Darth Vader

There are others too I guess....

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Tobi with an i and Lobo

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My sister can do any European accent....


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"Doc Ock is soooooo awesome! Lets make him Spider-man herp derp by killing Spider-man herp derp DOC OCK HERRRRRRRRRRRRRP DERRRRRRRRRP"

My impression for the day whoever guesses who it is gets a no-prize.

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I can do Mark Wahlberg pretty good. Lil Wayne.