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I have mixed feelings about it.....

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I loved it, though I will miss the Ponds. :(

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YAY!! (dances up & down on their graves)

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I liked it, at least they were together in the end.

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I'll never feel again.

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Underwhelmed, but not upset that Amy's gone.

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Glad Amy's gone,but I dont know if the series will get better.

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I've never liked Amy Pond and i was indifferent to Rory. So i'm glad there will be an actress change(Catherine Tate and Billie Piper were my favorite Dr Who girls). As for the mid season finale, the episode was ok. I expected much more since the storylines with angels are usually good.

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As usual Moffat's standard of writing was excellent, the concepts were fresh for the show and it pushed the boundaries for family television.

My only concern is that they'll try to integrate the Ponds into the 50th anniversary, which I hope they do not.

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It could have been better but overall I liked it. Kind of felt that they just tossed the ponds departure in at the last minute tho. I know they've been setting it up all season but the whole Poof they're gone ending just seemed a little odd to me.

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I was a little underwhelmed....it was so....quick. And does anybody find it funny that in the episode right before this one, The Doctor promised Rory's dad that he would always keep them safe lol 
And also, why couldn't Amy and Rory just leave New York?

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I never took to the Ponds, so I'm not that upset they're gone.

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I liked them a lot. Their fate really irritates me. All the other companions had much better endings IMO.