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I've had this happen to me before and it's not a pleasant experience.

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sleep paralysis sounds terrible. Why would you want that?

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Ive had this, it sounds cooler then it is.

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This happened to me once but it wasn't demons it was aliens and it was the scariest thing that I've ever experienced. I was about 9 and I had no idea what sleep paralysis was, so I pretty much believed I was abducted by aliens until I got older and learned about sleep paralysis and it seems to be what happened. Still gives me the heebeegeebees.

Or maybe I really was probed who knows...

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Yeah! Disorders are super fun to have.


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Yeah sure why not.

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Sleep paralysis is vile. There is nothing cool about it. Unless you find being terrified cool. In which case yeah, it's the greatest O_O

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If you learn how to turn it into a Lucid dream. It can be one of the best feelings in the world.

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Who actually voted yes?

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Probably Not... I see enough Rotten Politicians in the World in Real Life... why would I want to dream about them too ?

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Sleep Paralysis isn't fun at all.

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I'm a collector.

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Pink dolphin turned night time seducer.


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I would die because it is too awesome.

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Not a pleasant experience, happened to me, only I have seen demons a few times, other times it felt like I was being tortured.

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I have never experienced it,but it sounds nasty.

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Only an idiot would want a disorder like that. I hope you are joking.

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You should seriously be ashamed of yourself.