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Text, fb, or anything on ur phone

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I'll sometimes play games on my phone

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I just focus on the task at hand.

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Yeah I'm actually on the toilet now lol.

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No, but I do compose 18th century literature for my self-published almanac.

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Yep. I'm usually quite productive on the can. It's where I do my best work.

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Lol. Yeah

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No, the business usually requires my undivided attention.

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I always thought the idea of touching anything while I was in the middle of doing something as nasty as pooping as disgusting. Unless you're disinfecting your phone/book/whatever after you're done shitting.

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No...its all about the mission...

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It depends. Sometimes I bring my laptop, maybe I'll use iFunny, occasionally text or snapchat, maybe bring a (comic) book. Never all at the same time, it's one or another. I get bored.

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Yes I don't care. If I'm releasing therapy and someone texts or calls me I'll answer. Unless it's someone special then you know I'll make her wait.

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I will talk to telemarketers while I'm on the can.

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Literally just did

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I feel naughty when I do.

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I don't text on the toilet. I FB, Youtube and CV on the toilet though. I don't bring my phone. I bring my tablet. Hehe!

And ummmm... Guess where I am at right now... Clue.. It's not off-topic. :D

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I usually read when I'm on the pot. Books, comics, magazines.

Once, when a couple friends and I were having a Skype call together, one friend decided to take his laptop with him to the bathroom. Needless to say, the sounds that followed were very uncomfortable.

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My best tweets come from the can.

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I send pictures on the toilet.

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I don't poop.......

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I call them up and hold the phone by the bowl.

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You kidding? I do everything while on the pot.

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Lol! Never thought of the idea to be honest. xD

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I do everything on the john. Read, write, text, call, play guitar etc etc.

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Of course.I watch some videos,listen to music,chat on facebook and other networks.That's my hobby,to chat on the toilet. :P

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Sometimes I even eat when I'm taking a shit....

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Is there a better palce?

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