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I am sorry if this has been done before.

I was just wondering if you currently play/Have played in the past any Instruments?

how good where you?,did you do any grades?.

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Trumpet, guitar, bass, drums. I worked at a instrument shop for five or so years so by proximity I found out how to work my way around quite a few other instruments as well. I still play guitar and bass frequently. I was decent with the trumpet, guitar, and bass but I excelled with drums. I played with a local bad for two years, Electric Mud, lol. I never went to university with it so nope, no grades for me.

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Accustic / electric guitar, flute and drums used to be able to play piano. pretty sure i could get bass down too.

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Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
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Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Singing

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I can play piano with all the skill and finesse of a 7-year-old.

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@joygirl: so basically you can play like young Mozart?

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Sadly no. But I'd like to learn how to play the piano or maybe guitar. The harmonica would be pretty sweet too.

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I've played the violin for 8 years and the percussion for 2-3 years in middle school. I stopped playing both instrumnents (mainly violin) about 2 years ago due to getting bored of it. I like to sing these days. =3


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I play the bass.

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I tried. But i have no musical talent to speak of (nor the patience to learn it)

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Piano. Not horribly. To me, anyway.

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Bass, but I still suck at it.......

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Guitar, Clarinet. I want to learn bass.

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Saxophone, used to play the trumpet as well.

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I could play the keyboard by ear but haven't for years.

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Guitar and bass and a little keyboard.

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I tried. But i have no musical talent to speak of (nor the patience to learn it)


Anyone who can ballroom dance, has musical talent. **smacks with silk glove** SNAP OUT OF IT!

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@lykopis: i had two guitar teachers who both stopped giving me lessons, the first had a mental breakdown, the second cut off his finger. I'd say that says enough :p

And i suck at dancing as well :p

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The beatbox

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Bass/guitar :) Enough to get by, but not about to set the music world on fire anytime soon ;)

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I used to play the piano... i was forced to take lesson for 3 or 4 years. Won a state championship or something like that.

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The most mathematical musical instrument of all.... The triangle.

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