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Do you?

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No, I have a very weak stomach :O

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@theacidskull: people who like

-creepy pasta

-rollercoaster rides

-haunted houses

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No, who the hell likes to be scared.

Adrenaline junkies? People who like horror movies? Duh?

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Not really.

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Chris Tucker did a stand up show here in Australia not too long ago and this question just brought up something funny he said.

He was talking about having sex with your partner but scaring her, impersonating someone else, then he goes on to say, "Yeah but don't do it too much, one day she'll come up and say, "I didn't appreciate you coming to me in the park today"."

"Call the police!"


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Nothing scares me ever

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I love horror. Not sure if that counts as being scared though.

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Once and a while.

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How can you scare a man who doesn't have fear

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Yes. Very much so.

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I love playing horror games and watching horror movies, where things jump out at you. If you mean scared for my life, no. Getting startled by things can be fun if I'm in the mood, though.

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I love horror movies, they helped me to overcome my fears.

I also love rollercoaster rides for the adrenaline, I dont think its really compareable to fear atleast in my case.

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only in bed

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Well, I do watch horror films. :)

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