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Well...Do you have created a "fictional universe"?

When you are bored to death and don't have anything to do... have you created your own fiction?.

It dosent matter the age when you made your universe (characters, scenarios, weapons, etc). Just tell us.


You must also say the level of your characters like what are there powers, the destructive capacity and their tiers.

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No. I do have original characters, but they're all in pre-existing fictional universes (e.g. Rask Armadi for Star Wars).

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I created 2 in the fan fic forums

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Can you tell the power range of your characters?

I mean... they are street levels, planet busters, Universe busters or what?

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I start with some:

My little brother hates anime/manga (for reasons I don't know)...

He basically created an autor avatar called the artist, in which he is the unholy combination bettewn freddy Krueger and the scrablenauts guy.

In his universe he have defeated all the anime characters, critiqued all mangakas and insulted all the anime fans.

Yeah what a god mode villain sue.

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I've tried writing an epic Game of Thrones-esque story about Space Pirates based on friends I used to work with in a smoke shop in New Orleans........

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Yes, I'm still adding to it.

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@albertphytagoras: I have a wide range, everything from Street level guys up to planet busting gods.

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I writing a Batman-seque sort of story but they don't have power levels or anything at this point

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Yeah. I created a comic universe but I draw in an anime style so...

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Tiers of the characters?

I mean do you have galaxy or dimensional busters?

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Information about the characters?

How powerfull they are?

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@albertphytagoras: Some of the most powerful characters I've added so far are the "gods" who are actually an interesting concept.

The universe was created by one supreme being who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and all powerful... Or is he? Dun dun duh! (He dies lol) Though he far surpasses any other being in existence (except Bartima... sort of) he is very mysterious and rarely acts directly.

The "gods" that mortals usually encounter are his children. These children are separated into different "families". Many of these families resemble various pantheons from real world religions. The most powerful gods are solar system busters. Bartima is an exception but he's ascended so far beyond his lesser siblings that he is no longer a mere god.

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I'm writing one in the Fan Fic section.

Name: Lavantis Son of Othor

Species: Human/Dawrf Hybrid

Ht: 6'3

Weight: 219lbs

Description: Snow-white skin, elven-ears, fire-red hair. Length of back.

Abilities: Superhuman strength 3-5 tons. Invunrability to magic and cold. Extreme durability to blunt force truma, rapid healing (Not like Wolverines) mastery of sword, axe, spear, staff, and bow. Mastery of h2h. Master hunter/tracker due to his barbaric upbringing.

Weaknesses: Brash, reckless, tempermental. Piercing damage can be lethal. Fire can cause pain, which pushes him into bloodlust and deminishes his martial skill.

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My ''Novel'' Verse (I'm writing but i dont know if its worth the mention)

Xéfort (''The People King''), Récore Agnes (''The Red King''), Gildart (''The Fallen Protector''), Galdor (The Son of the red king)...

I also made a

Hero verse

which Contains characters like Rouflex, Fidèlius, Mike, Spike, Solide Fantôme, Lucie-Ange, R.D.,

but i also pay tribute to characters in my verse, Ted Pearson is a great example, He's a mix of Captain Marvel and a leaping character like G.A.S. I made my version of Hercules and he got a son.

I have too many characters (I couldnt make it on my own evan if i wanted to i suppose), its a complete verse (Like Marvel or Dc) with multiples teams in it so the world will probably never heard of it.

I'm talking about this verse but i dont have the skills to draw (However i did write a few Arcs).

Now if you are talking about fan fic i never did such thing (Except if i dont understand that word, for me a fan fic is when you write something about a existing character, Example: Writing a Arc for Star Wars, Am i right?).

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I have at least...6 that I can for sure think of off the top of my head. The biggest one I've got is co-owned.

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Forgot to add the link

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Eh, street level maybe. A few planet-busting ones but not a lot.

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Yes its a heroic-fantasy world called Chtonia.

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I have created one Sci Fi, one Street Level, and one fantasy hero. But I'm really paranoid about posting about them in great detail on here because I'm scared that there's gonna be that one dirt bag that might try to steal them.

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yes. me and a couple people have our own comic universe with characters and planets

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Yes I have. And a lot of their names are stupid, but here: The number beside there name has the most powerful (1) to the least powerful (12)

(11) White Ninja- Teleportation, Strength(about 5 tons), speed (Running up to about 40 mph), Super agility, Super flexibility, superhuman reflexes, superhuman senses, trained in ALL types of hand to hand combat, master swordsman, has an unbreakable samari sword.

(4) Metal Man- Covered in COMPLETELY unbreakable, un-rustable, and non-magnetic metal. Has no limits in hi strength, can basically lift anything.

(3) Eagle- Super strength(Up to about 9 sextillion tons, or more), super speed, flight(the speed of light), Shoot green energy out of hands and eyes, has super vision, x-ray vision, night vision, and super senses. Super durability, indestructible skin, Super healing.

(7) Flame- Can control, and produce fire. Can create object, and beings to fight with, made of fire. Can fly.

(6) Warrior- Has super strength(up to about 150 tons), and super jumping(up to 100 ft.). Is an engineering genius. Built a suit that has the following abilities: HE can control the suit, using a chip in his head, Made of nearly indestructible material material. Has Force fields around it. Has orange squares all over that can stick to anything. THe suit only sticks to things he want them to. Cables he uses to bring things to him. Orange lasers that shoot out of hands, and eyes, Shoot these dart/chip like things that can explode, and shock enemies. His eyes on his mask have: Night vision, laser shooters, x-ray vision, and can identify a variety of things.

(5) Shock- Has complete control of lightning. Can produce it also. Has lightning force field around body at all time.

(2) The Force- Has access to the force of the universe. He can use this to move things, create force fields, and fly. He is also a master telepathic, and a genius.

(9) Artic- Can create just about anything with ice. Can go into ice state, in this form, he can not die.

(10) Tank- Brute, who has no limits on strength, and is completely indestructible.

(8) Shifter- Can shape shift into different mythical beasts.

(1) Angel of Light- He is a prince from a land in another galaxy. Unlimited Strength, completely indestructible, can fly t the speed of light, can control light energy(SHoot it, from hands and eyes). Has indestructible sword. Is a master of all fighting forms in his land. He basically doesn't feel pain. HE doesn't have to eat, or breath.

(12) 6 Shooter- Gained the following abilities by finding magic pistols in 1840: Healing factor comparable to wolverines, immortality. HE is peak human on the following: Master marksmen. great fighter. Extremely agile, and flexible. His magic pistols are revolvers, that are connected with his mind. They don't run out of ammo, and shoot whatever type of bullet he thinks about.

I have a bunch of villains, but not enough time!

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I've had my own ideas of what I would do if I were to make a Transformers movie series. I mostly take ideas from the IDW comics, but I also take a few ideas from some of the shows, and even some from Bay's films.

I also have a few ideas for what a New Gods film series could be like.

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I have made a few in my head as other users have stated. One is a alternate universe where all the current 616 cannon is suited to my preferences.

Plus worlds that fit my original fanfic stories I make in my head.


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Lots. Only one is a superhero universe, but all of the heroes co-exist within it.

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Yes, Its helps me escape my s**tty reality. At one point there was magic and aliens, now Im not so sure. The story is so grounded I don't think I can add those. As for destructive, the most destructive character yet has the power of multiple atom bombs.

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Now I m going to say some things about my attempts at doing something serious.

First (this happened years ago):

I was in a made a OC in a forum that I don't want to mention (was about touhou) and the thing is that I made a character that was basically God. He can manipulate all the other characters of the series, was friend with the heavy hitters and have all the powers...

What a god-mode sue.


I basically created a verse in which a girl is the protagonist.

Story: She dies...she is possessed by an archangel...becomes a overpowered char...

create some villains overpowered enough to be interesting.

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Yes, recently. It's still very fragile. And like most of my stories, I still struggle with surface content. The setting itself isn't explored really far either.

@manchine: Wow. Are you real?

Omg. That response :O

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The powerhouse of my team is kinda overpowered against Energy based characters, he can absorb the energy they are throwing and become stronger. Without energy based opponents he's a planet buster at sometime in the story.

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@manchine: Wow. Are you real?

@deadite said:

Yes, recently. It's still very fragile. And like most of my stories, I still struggle with surface content. The setting itself isn't explored really far either.

@princearagorn1 said:

@manchine: Wow. Are you real?

Omg. That response :O


Some of the characters are older then some people. Animal Teen, White Knight and Sonic Soldier who are all on the over there were originally made from the old Marvel RPG System back in 1983. White Knight and Sonic Soldier were friends of mine characters and only the names stayed the same from back then. I have evolved them from what they were to now.

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Yes i made one, it was about a perfect society , nothing special but i thought out like how it can be a foolproof utopia with perfect order without restricting freedom, and how would this world be in 1000 100000 years from now, not a comic booky one, a bit boring really haha

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Come on...


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Yes I am currently working on my own comic universe, heavily inspired by Marvel/Dc and Invincible comics (taught me not to give a flipper whether you have characters based on already famous heroes) and my time on CV here has impacted me so :)

amongst others and much more

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@maccyd: Yup, I made a few other attempts but those were the only ones that stuck.

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My little brother once created a composite of all the fictional characters he know...

Yeah OP.