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I sometimes do and often forget sometimes, too.

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Yes, sometimes I forget to tho

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When Im feeling really suspicious

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Only if i'm at a someones house and their family does it, i'll participate out of respect to them but otherwise never.

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I do to the Flying Spaghetti Monster when its pasta related food it has created.

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Yes. I need to appreciate and be grateful of the food I get. Plenty of people in the world don't eat what I eat. But I'm guilty of forgetting to.

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Yes, and also to bless the hands that made it. I ask those blessings in the name of my savior Jesus

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My mom drilled it into my head my entire life, so I usually mutter a "thank you Jesus for this food" before eating out of habit.

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No. I would forget if I was planning to do it.

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My aunt and uncle used to do it every single meal when I was a kid, but I think my uncle is slowly losing faith in God so we stopped when I was like 8.

My parents never do it

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Sometimes I ask Zeus to strike it with lightning whenever I'm too lazy to cook it.

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@awesam said:

Sometimes I ask Zeus to strike it with lightning whenever I'm too lazy to cook it.

I tried that once and it worked.

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yuuuuuuuuuuuup even if it's just a quick "Bless this food" when I'm eating and driving lol

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I used to when I use to follow religion.....I don't do it anymore though.

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I tried molesting my food after watching American Pie once... or twice... I lost count.

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I do

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Ha bless my food your a funny dude :P

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Nope. And I don't pray for anything as well.

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I do.

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Not before but after i pray for thankfullnes occasionally

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I sometimes do, but I don't think he will since my diet consist of mostly human babies.

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When I'm at someone's house and they say grace I keep quiet and respect their tradition or silently pray for Thor to smite my enemies, depending on my mood.

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Time to time.

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Ive never heard of anyone in real life actually doing it so no I personally don't!

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Never have and never will. I've honestly never seen it happen either (besides in movies).

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@vortex13 said:

I sometimes do, but I don't think he will since my diet consist of mostly human babies.

Been meaning to try one for awhile now. Are they any good?

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No, im to busy stuffing my face

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I haven't since the age of 6.

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used to could

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On holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

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Born in atheist family, soo no indeed.

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Nope. But I pray for a lucid dream before I go to bed. Cause I feel like Neo when I fight people, so that's always fun, but it doesn't happen.

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Yeah I do.. Just a quick little prayer... Then I go ham !

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I'm an Agnostic, so no I don't. But even if I could commit to faith, I'd believe in a Pantheistic God. So He'd never hear my prayers anyway.

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@goldenstar66: Ahhh no. I'd rather ask the salt to bless the food than an imaginary friend

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Just find it funny how people ask a god to bless their food.

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No. The FDA already did.