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From personal observation I've seen that men of the same age as women tend to look younger. Is this a widespread phenomenon? Do you think there's a science behind why men tend to look younger at, say 60 years old, than women of the same age? If that's the case, should men shoot for getting with girls at least 10 years their junior (within legal age of course) ?

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Women be jealous of that good silver lining. Mmhmm.

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The greater the Beauty the faster it fades.

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I think women age better than men. I can see 50 year old women being hot, but not the other way around. Old dudes are gross yo.

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I think that depends on the person. I've seen woman in their late 50s who look 10 years younger than they really are. But I've also seen woman in their 30s who look like old ladies.

Same goes for men.

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Women look older (and grow faster for that matter) as children and into their teens, while once you hit the twenties men start looking older than women do, but I agree that past thirty women, imo, generally look older than men. Probably because by that age they're settling down and having kids and not worrying about how they look so much, whereas most men don't have much upkeep to maintain in their appearance to begin with so there's not much difference for them.


I think women age better than men. I can see 50 year old women being hot, but not the other way around. Old dudes are gross yo.

LOL total opposite for me, but I think that just has to do with the fact that you're a straight male. Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Michael Fassbender.... Meowww. >:]

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Doesn't really depend on the sex in my opinion. Some men age well, some men will not. Same goes for women.. Personally, i'll be like George Clooney ;p

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I dated a fifty-year-old who looked to be thirty. It's all in the diet.

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Under most circumstances, the physical and emotional strain manifested from childbirth/parenthood affects women more broadly than men. Given scenarios where males do not smoke nor drink heavily and their female counterparts do similarly but undergo the aforementioned physical/emotional stimuli - it's a natural bi-product of the environment for the male to appear younger.

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Depends on the person some men age well some women age well.

Women outlive men so maybe you just look at too many 90 year old women because most men don't make it that far...

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like a fine summer wine that would be divine any time, and women are the crackers.

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Its all dependent on the persons genetics and lifestyle.
Don't over think it........

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Tom Cruise.

I rest my case.

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I'd say men's bodies age faster 
Women's faces age faster

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Genetics......that is all

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One does not simply talk about woman's age. 

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@cyberninja said:

One does not simply talk about woman's age.

A woman's fist is seconds from flying through your computer screen. Watch out she goes straight for the nose.