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Resident Evil is a series that has seen a variety of changes throughout the years to it's once award-winning formula. Everything changed once Resident Evil 4 hit in 2005, changing the face of the series as we know it. Long gone was the camera controlled action along with slowly creeping around corners and newly introduced was a massive dose of third-person shooting while maintaining it's popular survival horror elements. Resident Evil 4 was critically acclaimed along the board and was believed to have inspired some of the more popular third-person action shooters of today. Capcom attempted to replicate this success with Resident Evil 5 and was treated with slightly mixed results albeit it was still mostly positive even when the game dropped the survival horror element for bigger action sequences and co-op, which was a first for Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 6 is now out and the amount of mixed results are staggering. The reviews range from near perfect scores to absolutely abysmal reviews that just rip the game apart limb from limb. Obviously, a reviewers opinion is his own and should only be taken with a grain of salt as if you're still curious, you should check it out for yourself, but here are my thoughts on a few hours in the game with each campaign.

There are three separate campaigns with two of them following arguably the series' two most popular characters: Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield. The last follows a brand new character Jake Muller with connections with another major character but I'll leave out the spoilers.

First off is Leon's campaign. It attempts to harken back to Resident Evil games of old with creepy, dark corridors and even tossing in the traditional zombies again. Chris' campaign is basically Resident Evil 5 again. It boasts massive action sequences, with gun-wielding foes and enormous BOW's to face. As for Jake, his campaign is mostly similar to Chris' with a twist. The campaign takes a major focus on chase sequences where you sprint away from a massive BOW on a hunt for Jake and his partner Sherry Birkin.

Each campaign has it's own style in one sense or another but they all play relatively the same to one another. As for the gameplay, it takes a giant leap from the previous installments in the series with the biggest change of all: being able to move while shooting. Overall, the game takes a more action oriented focus when it comes to gun-play, allowing you to roll and dive around and newly introduced is the camera being able to fully rotate around the character instead of being locked to the shoulder. As with Resident Evil 5, this game re-introduces a cover system which is arguably one of most unusual additions to the series as it doesn't work at all. It's glitchy, you often find yourself not even being attached whatever surface you are up against and end up being shot up completely.

Capcom tried to re-integrate survival horror elements into the series by reducing the amount of ammo you receive and with that said, it's a ridiculous mistake due to the games massive action focus and you'll find yourself wasting the majority of your ammo quite quickly and being helpless especially in Chris or Jake's campaigns. Also a new addition is melee attacks. With a tap of a button, the character can initiate separate melee attacks that are limited by a small energy gauge. Sadly, melee attacks are far more effective than actually shooting your enemy in the head.

On top of that, weapon upgrades are now completely removed and the health system has been revamped. You get stuck with a set of weapons for each campaign, and while you can find a new weapon or two along the way, you can't choose what you want to use. Instead, a skill upgrade system has been chosen to replace weapon upgrades and to be quite frank, it's a lazy and boring mechanic. From what I saw, you had three slots to choose from and a massive list of skills to select, but still had to be bought or unlocked. They range from critical hits to improved piercing damage or even stronger melee attacks against certain enemies. As for the health system, you still pick up the different coloured herbs, but instead of using them as spray's, they now become ingested in pill form and each pill only fills a single block of health at a time.

As for the story, there are a large amount of cutscenes to be seen and while they are well produced, they occur far too often and break apart whatever tension there is in the gameplay. While the game remains enjoyable and has a decent control system for the most part, some of the new additions and changes are a little irritating and you'll find yourself dying... a lot. Although, you'll be interested to see how the story plays out and how each character interacts with one another.

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I'd place RE6 as better than RE5 but not quite there with RE4. An average game all around, with good ideas being held back by some bad ideas. It should at least be given a rent by anyone interested in the series, though. I think I liked Jake's campaign the most because Ustanak reminded me of the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. I just wish he gave random encounters like Nemesis did. As it is, all encounters are scripted and it doesn't feel as thrilling when near him as a consequence.

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@Living_Monstrosity: I agree that the game should've be given a shot, but it might not be for everyone so I'd recommend giving the demo a shot or giving the game a rent before dedicating to it.

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The game's great to me. I haven't beat it yet, I've finished Jake's campaign (he's definitely a favorite RE character now) and I'm working on the Leon campaign now. I'm just trying to breeze through it so I can play as Ada, she's my absolute favorite.

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Yay Leon is back finally!

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@wickedfun: I'm glad you're enjoying the game so much. It definitely doesn't deserve the hate that it's been receiving.

@Wolfrazer: :D

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I've tried the demo and found it boring. Never really played nor watch RE but a friend of mine on here convinced me to get into the series. Once I get cash I'll be either getting the 2nd or 4th. I am glad though that this is a refreshing review for RE6. I didn't play much of the demo (I tried Leon's campaign as he seems awesome) but enjoyed how it was more action pact rather than horror. I do agree with the quick ammo though. That was kind of annoying especially when trying to kill zombies.

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I like the game, but it could have been better. Monsters were well desighned, gaphics were great, gameplay varried alot, but some parts were spectacular and others terrible. I didn't like Jake, Helena was alright, and I liked Piers. Overall It gets a B, but I want to see what Capcom incorporates in the next installment to balance out the good and the bad.

Click only if you completed Chris's campaign

So of course Piers died. I was hoping Piers and Sheva would have had a campaign in RE7 as the next generation of the BSAA.

Leon's campaign was my favorite, because I thought i was most reminiscent of the old school RE, I liked Chris's and he's my favorite RE character so I'd put it as my second, Ada's is third, because Ada is awesome, and Jake's is last, because I didn't like him and Sherry was too "damsel in distress".

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This is pretty sad, not your thoughts but the game, which was once quite proud. Too many limitations is a thing of the past, why not allow us to control characters that grow through out the game as we do, that get stronger the more they experience, and accumulate skills and weapons. Obviously it doesn't make sense for someone to carry around 10 weapons but a few more than three could be arranged. It's fine to try and make games harder, but the series has evolved so let's keep moving it forward.

The few reviews I have seen had said that other than the cutscenes (which only die hard RE fans will really care about), there's really nothing appealing about this game.

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I liked it. Sure its not perfect but its a really fun game on its own merits. Also its not mind-bogglingly terrible like many reviewers say. I recall a particularly vicious one that always gave negative reviews for every game but when this one came, he a made a 30-minutes long video where he ranted and rambled about Resident Evil 6 being one of the worst things inflicted on his life (his videos aren't longer than 5 minutes and that is too long). As if things weren't ridiculous enough, he brought his childhood memories with Resident Evil and how they are completely raped about the experience.

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So far i've just finished Leon's campaign, which I rate rather highly, as it combines the new age of graphics and gameplay with the atmosphere of the Resident Evil games of old, essentially attempting to go back to its roots. I thought that suddenly finding yourself banding with a group of people attempting to barricade themselves within the house from a horde of zombies was a great touch, it reminded me of the scene in Resident Evil 4 of warding off the Ganados from the house, and again at the start of Resident Evil 5 when you have to fight off the Majini, except it was great finding yourself pitted up against zombies once more.

I just began Chris' campaign, and as you mentioned in your review, so far it very much reminds me of Resident Evil 5 (which I don't consider a bad thing, I actually loved that game, despite Mikami's departure). I will say, I miss having Albert Wesker as a character within the storyline, he became such a staple of the series since the very beginning, and I think it was a mistake to do what they did with him at the end of Resident Evil 5. That being said, thus far I think the game is very entertaining, and if I would complain about anything, it would be the emphasis on Ada Wong and the encounter between Chris and Leon ending so quickly.

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@Samimista: RE6 is a fun game, but I'd recommend you play RE4 first. It's definitely the pinnacle of the series!

@Blood1991: Overall, the game is enjoyable, but I wish they would've worked on a few elements a little longer.

@CaioTrubat: I have to agree. Some of the reviews went a little too far. Acting as if the game ruined their lives completely or something along those lines. Yes, the game changed up it's formula, but it do so for the better in most regards, especially when regarding the gameplay.

@progenitor: Leon's campaign is definitely my favourite of the bunch as I love being able to face zombies again, even if they can wield weapons :/

My only problem with Chris and Jake's campaigns is that enemies in some sections of the game just keep on respawning and their A.I. seems oddly developed as they have a constant death wish. But I agree, it felt a lot like RE5 which I enjoyed far more than most people would like to admit.

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What did you think about Ada's campaign?

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@YoungJustice: Haven't unlocked it yet. Still have yet to beat all three campaigns. This is just my initial thoughts on the game after a few hours with each campaign.

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I will buy this just for the reason that Leon is back.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Just because of Leon huh? He's my favourite character in the series as well.