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The series may be long over but I still have a major bone to pick with DC comics about the DC universe legend's series. It started out really good then it got really amazing in the middle of the series but the ending was horrible. Superman killed Lois because of Brainiac's mind control over him but instead of superman taking his anger out on brainiac and completely wiping him out, he destroy's a clone and run's and hide's like a little punk. It wouldn't be killing somebody if he did it, brainiac is a cyborg so technically he's just shutting down a computer permanently, I loved superman growing up but now his wholesome ways are a little annoying. He needs to start killing or shutting down his more dangerous enemies cause. In the series they should have allowed superman to kill the real brainiac with his bare hands before they went back in time and gave up brainiac's position to the lantern corps, plus the green lantern's suck, brainiac would probably tear through them.