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Any Suggestions as to which smart tech (phone, i pad, kindels, so on) is best for the digital comic format. I really would like to switch to digital and want what ever is currently the best thing out there. But whichever thing i buy I would like for it to be a convenient thing to carry around. I'm on the go a lot. My parents say kindles is the best. My friends say i phones are great for reading something like comics. I feel that small things will strain my eyes.

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So confusing trying to find some of the info on this stuff. what works best for everyone else? How much should I spend? Is it worth paying some of the crazy prices i'm seeing.

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@Ganthetsward20: I'd love to help! Is their any current tech that you already posses? Any device with iOS? iPhone or iPad? Or you can just use any computer or device with an internet connection and web browser.

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@Ganthetsward20: I recommend the Google Nexus 7. It's very cheap as well as one of the best android tablets available (my opinion and that of a tech website I frequently visit). It is smaller than some tablets but text in comics is still easy to view with the full page showing. I actually switched entirely to digital comics recently mostly because of how much I enjoy reading on it :)

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@blur1528: I have a pay to use cell. No internet, but i am about to get an Iphone soon from my friend who just got an Iphone5 . I dont know what version though. I also dont know if that's a big enough screen for a digital comic. I do like the page by page look of things. The only other thing I have is a laptop that is from like 2009. I am thinking about a kindle fire its a bit bigger then an iphone sceen and i could usee it for books. Its not to bulky and would be easy to transport with me. But I would like to know if there is something better or if there is a better place to buy these things and how to buy digital comics once i get something.

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@guttridgeb: Could I get a link from that site and its article about the device? How convient is it for other books and what other things might a be able to do with this?

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@Ganthetsward20: I couldn't find the article on the website I mentioned but here is the review from a magazine I read :)

If by other books you mean ebooks, I wouldn't know as I only read books in print. Films are very good and it comes free with one film - I think it depends on how much memory you get as to which film, I got Ice Age with 32GB.

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@guttridgeb: Alright, cool article thanks for sending me that. I think this may be worth the price.

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@Ganthetsward20: I actually enjoy reading comics on the iPhone. I have an iPhone 4S and both the comiXology and Marvel apps are really good on there. You swipe to move from panel to panel and in this manner I find it easy to read comfortably. I have yet to really wish the screen was larger. I've used a non-iOS based tablet before to read comics, and even though it had a larger screen I felt that the functionality and resolution/clarity of the images were inferior.

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@blur1528: Well its cool to know that the resolution doesn't improve any with a bigger screen. So the other thing I'm Curious about is: If I have both a tablet and and smart phone but they're put out by different companies , like apple and whomever puts out the nexus will i have access to the same digital comics or will i have to make separate accounts?

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You can utilize the same account across various platforms and devices.

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Personally, I think the iPad is the way to go. I'm not a fan of reading comics on the iPhone (or other phones for that matter). The small screen size takes too much away from me.

The iPad has a really sharp resolution and comics look great on it. If you can swing it, I'd say to go with that over a Nook or Kindle Fire. The iPad's larger screen is perfect for reading comics, but it's still light enough that I can carry it with me wherever I travel.