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You could implement those under the news that is posted and hopefully that will get traffic onto Comic Vine. The ones that I know so far are:


  • Digg

  • reddit

  • Furl

  • Spurl

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The most ancient topic, 1056 pages back in the Off Topic forum. No idea what it's talking about but casually moved up to page one as once upon a time that's where it was some 8 years earlier.

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@batkevin74: The most ancient topic is actually made by Red LAMP when CV opened but I forgot where it was...

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@mandarinestro: Well until you do, this one is! :)

Actually it was only on page 1056, there may be ones further back on other forums but this one is pretty old and pretty off topic

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I found the true first topic on Comic Vine. Had to go through a ton of back log secret mod threads, but I found it. And oddly enough it was bumped only 4 months ago.