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Awww, yeah!!

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Wait waaat? Was that Kevin Smith in the very end?

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Hey isn't that the guy from Shawshank Redemption, the one who escapes? I've forgotten his name.

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Red L.A.M.P. says:

"Wait waaat? Was that Kevin Smith in the very end?"

He plays "The Warlock." It also has that guy from the annoying Mac commercials (and Herbie Fully Loaded).

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Yippie ki yay. I know I always use cars to take out helicopters when I run out of bullets. I thought everyone did. Apparently it's just me, Bruce Willis and Skreech from Saved By The Bell.

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Die hard is so awesome

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It was only a matter of time someone would bump this...

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My die is soft

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Viagra overdose?