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before you read as courtesy their may be spoilers about recent events, this is just my opinion you don't have to agree its all in fun there is no hostility here though that likely goes without saying.

all right lets back this whole cyclops is a jerk thing back a little, as i understand from people they are saying "scott didn't save mutantkind, hope did" while im a fan i have to give them that, but only if they admit he didn't doom them either. who did though, we lets see there is the wolverwine who kept trying to kill hope, condemns scott though logan is well lets be honest a prolific killer as he has done it so much hardly anyone bats an eyelash. then there is ironman who thinks science and money can solve anything, "yeah sure lets keep throwing science at the problem that worked so well in secret invasion and civil war", id name his good points if i could find room over black goliath's fifty plot grave, yeah stark thanks alot. and finally the jackhole to end all jackholes captain america, he let this happen just as he let house of m happen, i want to like and agree with cap except well and spoiler to any who have not read uncanny x-men #1 he let the red skull get control one the strongest telepaths ever's body! really, really and scott is the one dooming mutantkind yeah okay sure. i only bring these things up because it seems scott been getting alot blame that all isn't his. now, could he have stop sure maybe, did he single handedly save mutant kind no, but while those things are true which of the following i have listed has ever been controlled by apocalypse, the pheonix, lost his wife multiple times and still had it in him to stand for something. you know your in a bad place when perhaps one of the most poor excuse for a husband and parent reed richards is telling you what you are doing is a bad idea. they even blame young scott for stuff he hasn't done yet, now my opinion is scott was the best thing to ever happend to jean and im sure many will disagree but as i state it is merely my opinion. however jean is the worst thing to ever happend to scott, i look at the multiverse and see how jean essetially ruins his life in a few realities, but jean almost destroy the universe if scott isnt with her with the exception of age of apocalypse. and as for the poor charles xavier how many x-men have been killed behind him? petra,sway,changeling, other operatives he employed. what happens when he messes up he erases everyone's memory. and how many died when cassandra nova took him over? go ahead think about it i'll wait, yeah thought so. all im saying is when you think about saying scott is the reason behind mutants doom just dare to look carefully because he has some accountiblity but there is plenty of blame to go around.

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Who is scott summers? Sorry, but never heard of him.

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@HulkSlayerT1000: Cyclops of the X-Men

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@joshmightbe: ok, nm... I dont know much about him.

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@HulkSlayerT1000 said:

@joshmightbe: ok, nm... I dont know much about him.