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The final season is here. So, let's chat about it.

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Oh yeah..I forgot about this...I haven't seen it yet, I'll get back to it. Also, I heard the Dexter comic is coming out this week too.

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I'm on season 3 so I shouldn't even be here.

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I've seen every season of Dexter. I'll watch tonight's premiere tomorrow.

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Well, I've seen the episode, not bad, interested to see where Deb will turn up.

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The final scene definitely boosted my hype by a gazillion points.

Also, Jennifer Carpenter did a great job.

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I think the psychiatrist from England is going to be the M to Dexter's 007. The series ends with Dexter becoming an international hitman.

Probably not, but I'm thinking outside the box. lol

By the way, anyone picking up Dexter #1 this week?

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Subpar episode, 'cept for the jamie scenes and ending XD

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My God, Aimee Garcia keeps looking better and better after each episode!

I thought it was a great season opener though, Vogel's got me heavily intrigued. I'm thinking she might've been a psychologist that met with Harry and analyzed Dexter as a child. Dex snapping on Harrison was pretty damn intense, too. Can't wait for next week.

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Is it just me, or does Dexter seem to be a product placement show for Apple? Everyone uses Macs and Dexter checks his IPhone like ever 15 minutes.

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I'm now 2 episodes behind.

Thanks, TWC/CBS dispute!

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90% of the tension and drama in this season came from the clash between Dex and Deb. Now that's gone, and given the history of this show I greatly doubt that there'll be any tension about whether it might end with Dexter getting caught and thrown in jail/executed. His river of absurd luck runs very deep by now. As suggested by the last two episodes, it will probably end with him and Hannah running away to Argentina to live happily ever after.

Yvonne Strahovski is pretty much the only reason I'm still watching this show, unfortunately.

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I am really, really enjoying this season. It is nice not to be able to quite see where it is leading. I have a few ideas, like anyone else no doubt, about how it will all end...but this show has surprised me before, so probably it will again at least once before the end. I hope so anyway :)

Gonna be sad to see it go, though. My dad and I have watched every episode together, it's one of "our shows", so it will be missed. We're already wondering where Michael C Hall may turn up next. Six Feet Under was blinding. Dexter was brilliant. Very much looking forward to his next step :)

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Honestly -- and I say this as someone who's two episodes behind -- I was digging the tension between Deb and Dex. Now that's been totally thrown out the window (what was up with that super abrupt water save which killed the cliffhanger, by the way?) I can't help but feel kind of "meh" about everything going down. The fact that Breaking Bad is delivering some astonishing good episodes doesn't help, either.

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All I know is Dexter and Hannah better end up together and living happily ever after. Dexter deserves it!

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@k4tzm4n: Yeah, to be honest that is the only bone I have to pick. I feel like that all got swept under the carpet a bit quickly. Emotions of that magnitude should not be dismissed so hastily :/ All seemed a bit....easy?

@dark_guyver: So with you there. I love those two together ^_^

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@k4tzm4n: couldn't agree more. The driving force of the season at first seemed to be the Deb/Dexter tension. Now that they've pretty much forgotten about it the entire season feels aimless and stale. My biggest problem is that, because this is the last season, there should be a sense of urgency to everything going on, but because the season was never really developed as "the last season of dexter" it just feels like another season of filler. Like you said, I never really realized this until Breaking Bad started again and showed how intense and nervewrecking a real final season is