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Some skills and qualities can be demonstrated. For instance if you say you love someone, then you prove it by how you treat them. And you can do this at any time of the day virtually. Other qualities and skills require development to show you have them...or that you don't.

For instance if you said you could fly and jumped off a building, well, that would show that:

A: You have not developed any technology that would enable you to fly or...

B: You can fly like Superman, you must not be from here. Who are you?

Often when problems arise, it is good to just view them as opportunities to see where your lacking and improve. It is true that the basic building blocks of adulthood require at the very least these qualities and even more to be sure:

Patience, self control, and love for others.

Why you ask? Because of our connection...we are brothers and sisters of the same human family.