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Give me one or a few words to describe the family in your life.

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Good... Sometimes.

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People I don't want to be around......

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there all diffrent

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Complete and total dis functional insanity. It's like the thanksgiving episodes of all your favorite sitcoms mixed together!

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Family is all.

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Love my family. They are my whole world.

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Haha, they are characters. Between my blood family and my in laws we have everything covered from felons to bi polar, from complete mooches to incredibly hardworking. And a lot of crazy.

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My dad is kind of nuts, he sometimes asks if Im gay and that he's okay with it, but if I do something that he thinks is gay he says "stop being a fa**ot" Very hard to understand the man.

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DNA match

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if i wrote a book about my family nobody would believe it.

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Closest thing to hippies without being hippies

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Owe me 7 grand

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Deported to Mexico

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My mom and Dad are always at war.. but they don't break up.

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Pain in my ass. Mum's always on my case, Dad lies, my brother is actually one of my best friends.

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My family fell apart when my parents got divorced & it hasn't been the same ever since .

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My Dad is a fan of science fiction, medieval reenactment, and European martial arts. We settle our father/son disputes with wrestling or sword fights, and then make up over a nice marathon of Doctor Who and Star Trek.

My Mom is into animals. We've had dogs, cats, parrots, lizards, turtles, chickens, and a giant African millipede named Quark. We're best of friends until school is involved.

Also, they're divorced.

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Mother is a narcissistic...

Father is useless...

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Wouldn't have them any other way really.

Except from my grandma and grandads passing. :/

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It's just me, my son and girlfriend. Don't know my dad, don't speak to my mom.