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After meeting his hero a few months ago, our friend (the dude in the left) meets the dreaded Dr. Doom during his stay in the USA. At his request I post this picture. BEHOLD!!!

(*thunder strike*)

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Lol,thanks man,this iPod should post photos,but it doesn't :/ Oh,the little child is my brother...

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This is awesome :D

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Was it a statue or a guy in a costume?

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Was it a statue or a guy in a costume?

Statue? Guy in a costume?

That's actually Dr. Doom, silly.


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Dat pose! Awesome picture. =D

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"And so I escaped to America. Where I would lose everything..."

You were in a comic book, pal.

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@deadpoolrules: Awesome pic.

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It was real Dr.Doom.We destroyed Pluto after the photo,it was awesome.

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Aw, lucky.