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Introduction: Just in case the great folks over look this gem, please enjoy this amateurly written comic book review written by a guy with no journalism experience.

The Good: This issue picks up where the last issue left off. The poor old sea dogs on the Pequod prove to be no match for the merc with a mouth, which they all find out the hard way. Old pegleg Ahab almost meets his demise before a equally if not more famous captain of the sea and his ship interrupt the battle, forcing Deadpool to flee. There are many hilarious moments where poor Tom Sawyer gets incapacitated permanently off screen and when Deadpool gets his arse handed to him by 4 particular ladies. Other great characters like the headless horseman and Dracula and his 3 brides. Another great appearance of the last page shows Sherlock Holmes, who has by now become aware of Deadpools rampage through the ideaverse, giving a speech of other famous characters he organizing for the sole purpose of stopping that masked menace. And last but not least, who could not love the cover. I know i do.

The Bad: Some appearances, too me, felt too brief, particularly the appearance of the second famous sea captain. I cant wait for the next ish to see if the man himself shows up. Another problem with this series is that the series is halfway through.

Overall: This issue is a fun and great read and i have already read it atleast 5 times today. If you have the $$$, pick up a copy. I give this comic book 4 out of 5 stars.

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I literary just finished this and opened my computer, lol.

Nice review.

I enjoyed it. I like the concept of the story, interested in seeing how it ends.

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