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Welcome,my thankful followers,to another great episode of Deadliest Warrior,Back for Blood Unlimited.


Today's match places The Spartan,ancient warrior of Greece....Against The Knight,famous Human Tank of the Medieval Ages....







Spartan's Weapons-
Short Sword
(Bronze Armor)

Knight's Weapon's
(Plate Armor and Shield)

Personal Opening Views-

What I see right now are two massive tanks,more so to the Knight,but yes,both are tanks.What I first see is obviously the Knight's superior armor,covering the whole body.But ever sword has it's other edge,the armor weighs a ton,and from what I know from the end of the Knight's battle,it lead to his end against a Pirate.When a Knight falls down,it's VERY hard for him to get up.I'm sure a Spartan can muster enough force to knock down a Knight,then simply do what Pikeman do.But,at the same time,I don't see the Spartan being able to do much else to the Knight.This should be an very interesting battle.Also,I just wanna say that the Spartan being declared "The Deadliest of Season One" doesn't mean much anything considering the Knight wasn't part of that specific Episode,before anyone comes using ABC logic.

Re-running's of the Final Battles-

After Re-Watching Episodes,I have Decided.....
I have re-watched the whole episodes,not just the videos I posted,just to get this message clear.I have decided that,from watching the show,that the Knight managed to get up at least twice.The show could obviously have stretched the truth,but they can still pick themselves up.The one time the Knight had trouble was when he had taken multiple gunshots.From what I have seen,it is close,but I personally say the Knight should come out victorious. 

If you would like to argue against me,go ahead.This is just my opinion.

Scenario for Battle-

The battle takes place in a Canyon,similar to the one seen in the Movie 300.The Knight rides from the Beach on horseback while the Spartan is standing guard.There is 1000 feet between the Knight's starting point and the Spartan's starting point.The Spartan is out for simple defence,the Knight is out to slaughter him and his "Non-Pure Idiocy".
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The Spartan is vastly more manoeuvrable and vastly more skilled than the knight. I don't see him getting past that shield which the Spartan treats as an extension of his body.

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@Deranged Midget: A Knight isn't exactly a slouch in combat sir.Vastly more skilled is a bit of a overstatement.I personally don't see a Spartan bypassing the Armor of a Knight,aside from potential Chainmail stabs.
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@Snowscorpion: Oh yes, they are vastly more skilled. Since the age of 7, Spartans went through more pain and rigiorous training than any other warrior in the world.

Oh and just for classification, real Knights never wore all that armour in real battle, it was more for celebratory and honorary events. Do your history homework.

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@Deranged Midget: Insulting my knowledge isn't going to get you anywhere in a debate,friend.
Do you have a link to a credible source that proves they wore no armour?
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@Snowscorpion: Wasn't insulting you bud, I was correcting you and stating a fact. Knights more than anything else, have been exaggerated in how they engage in combat and what armour they wear. You can find it anywhere.

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@Deranged Midget: Yes,there is OBVIOUSLY no way "Do your history homework" could be taken as an insult.
Credible Link?everything I find through search engine's is telling me I'm correct.
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i'm leaning toward the Knight..but this is a really good fight...y'know what the next fight inevitably will be right?....Pirate vs Ninja

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@Snowscorpion: My problem is that the term "knight" is a lot broader than the classification of Spartan soldier. A pampered nobleman who only donned his gear to strut about for the ladies and score points with the king would be in trouble, but someone like a Teutonic knight, who combined rigorous training, the best weapons and armor of the time, and the mindset of a religious zealot, would give any Spartan a run for his money.

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@The Stegman: If you want to do that,fine.Sure,I'll debate that.
I'm thinking a Knight's Templar,there normally who I think of.
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@Snowscorpion: They were certainly no slouches. The Templar were the deciding factor on more than a few battlefields. In fact, if I recall my history correctly, the ending narration of Braveheart should have read "They fought like warrior poets; they fought like Scotsmen, and they won their freedom...after the Templars arrived and charged into the rear of the English lines."

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@Shadow_Thief: Good to know.So your personal opinion is?
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I'd say it would be painfully close...but if I had to pick, I'd probably give a slight edge to the Templar. The Spartan may be more of a pure fighting machine, but I think the Templar's armor would effectively negate a bronze sword and spear. The best bet for the Spartan to get a kill shot would be to hit the Templar with a shield swing and snap his neck. Most of the Knight's weapons, on the other hand, would likely have no trouble penetrating bronze armor. It'd be pretty much the reverse of how the Knight's battle with the Pirate played out: the Spartan may have been the better professional warrior, but I don't feel it would be enough to overcome the Knight's technological advantage.

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@Shadow_Thief: Great to know your opinion.A Spartan's armor isn't exactly best for pure protection,I believe they relied a bit on their shields.Do you think the Templar would be able to bypass it?
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In this case, I would have to say yes. A bronze shield isn't going to be nearly as effective against steel weapons. Now, give our Spartan steel armor and weapons, and I think any Knight would be in trouble.

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@Shadow_Thief: Ehh....They tested a Spartan's Shield against multiple steel weapons,it took the damage dealt to it.I'm just saying the Knight isn't going to slice through it like butter.
You watch the show,right?I'm taking requests for these debate things.
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Love the show. Haven't seen much of the new season, though.

I do believe the shield would be the Spartan's ace-in-the-hole, but I'm not convinced it would be enough of a difference to give him the win, statistically speaking.

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@Snowscorpion: Quit taking everything so seriously, I'll leave it up to you to do the research yourself. But here's a few facts. Only the richest knights could afford plate armour resembling what you've seen in the Deadliest Warrior match-up. Even though it allowed for maximum protection, it would mostly be seen in jousting arena's and rarely on the battlefield due to restricted mobility and vision. You'd probably only ever see the King wearing all this armour or perhaps a few of his lieutenants. Most knights, could barely even afford chainmail and a helmet. If lucky, they would have armour for their arms and legs, but it usually just consisted of the former.

Now, on to the battle. Yes, I agree that if the Knight was wearing the plate armour, the Spartan would have much trouble penetrating it due to weaker weapons. So the Knight has the advantage in weapons and armour, but the Spartan is still much more skilled than the Knight, which unless he can disarm, will do him no good.

So yes, the Knight would most likely win this encounter if he was fully armoured.

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Dam vampires wiped out the zombies like commandos.

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@Rainy: No zombies or Vamps here,friend lol.
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the spartan gets stomped , the knight has too much protection.

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@SilverGalford: I've decided to limit the Knight to a chestplate and Chainmail,due to naggs about it.
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@Deranged Midget:i feel like the halberd EASILY gets rid of that shield and turns the spartan into a Greek shush-ka-bab

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@Night_Rake said:

@SilverGalford: I've decided to limit the Knight to a chestplate and Chainmail,due to naggs about it.

LOL! that's unfair .

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@SilverGalford: Why?A Knight's Templar were some of the greatest warriors ever imagined,and they are seen as wonders of warfare.
Please tell me your joking cain lol.
This has been changed to a Chainmail-clad Knight's Templar.
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@Night_Rake: i'm saying that the halberd was designed for A.making Calvary soldiers look like b!tches and B. disarming enemies it's my belief that the REALLY big fork can get rid of the large weapon that only has a reach of the opponents arm

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@shadowknight666: Well,now it's suddenly a stomp in the Knight's favor? :)/
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@Night_Rake: after further analyzation i deem that after a hard fight knight wins due to after the shield is gone the spartan can't really do anything the knight can't due better however if the spartan gets ONE shield blow it's game over plus i say that like the other guy in training and fighting skill i give to spartan however that won't save him from a halberd in his @$$

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The spartan doesn't just have weapons to use. If the knight gets close enough, the spartan can take him down and apply an arm bar.