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Been playing this game since launch.. (through the good and the bad), and alwasy wondered what other viners played and what they think of the game?

also curious if any of you had comic themed character (based on comic characters..dc,marvel, image etc.)

I have a marvel themed villain league and a DC themed hero league that's always looking for some new likeminded members.

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I used to play, but it got too boring after I got all my T4 stuff.

My character pretty much looked like Malcolm Merlyn's "Dark Archer" from Arrow since day one.

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I just started. My character kind of looks like Nightwing and Jason Todd mixed in one.

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I play.

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I play but there was a new update and I really didn't feel like going through that. Its so hard to find people for help though on that game.

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I clocked 32 hours in but haven't played in a long time. Lost my interest after that. Never really stick with MMOs for too long.

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Thanks for showing me that there's a new (Kind of) free game on PSN.

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I would but....20 GB's?

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me! i am!

name: angella brightmoon
role: hero
mentor: wonder woman

level: 23?

powers: flight/psychic

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I used too, its one of the better MMO's out there.. The downside is that it was very consolified and buggy wich made me quit in the end, and now I dont really wanna pay for 5 or so DLC to catch up.

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I used to play the beta a LOT! I was addicted to the full game when it came out, even had a subscription but I became irritated when I purchased the GL DLC and they never gave me the content :/

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I stopped playing when the Marvel Heroes Beta came out.

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I did played for a bit but the controls turned me off so i quit playing.

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I used to play. Then I stopped for whatever reason, maybe I got bored, I dunno. And now that Injustice came out I think it's gonna be quite a while 'till I play DCUO again.

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I used to play. Was nice to have conversations with people about the latest comics and stuff and fool around as a superhero. But then I joined Comic Vine and haven't played the game again.

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if anyone has marvel themed toons and is looking for a comic themed league with actual comic fans in it that aren't affraid to help out let me know.. our villain side league on PS3 is called DARK REIGN and we have some pretty cool members with some pretty impressive looking toons. check us out... we are still pretty small in numbers (we aren't the ninja inviting types). We range in age from 19-49, with members of all experience levels. We are looking for people who fit our already diverse group, and what better place to find gaming comic fans other than the Vine.

give us a look at www.darkreigndcuo.enjin.com

Here's a list of characters our members are representing at this moment:

Hyperion, Sphinx, Morph, Luke Cage, Arcade, Dr Strange, Whizzer, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Copycat, Nighthawk, Genis-Vell, Nova, Iron Fist, Iron Patriot, Quicksilver, Apocalypse, Ronan the Accuser, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Dr Spectrum (female)