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Spare me the legal issues in such a game; let's just assume that Rowling, Riordan and Collins make an agreement to write a script for a video game whose entire profit margin would go into something they all agree in (A charity for children of divorced mothers with ADHD and Dyslexia whose family were military or something)

This game, in my head anyway, would be made by the makers of the Video-Game War of/Fall of Cybertron; due to their skills at creating games that worked with diversifying different character types; High Moon Studios. (Example; levels playing with flying characters are far more open and expansive, Grimlock being played with less like a fast car and more like a fire breathing space dino, ect)

The plot would go something like this: it would take place after Deathly Hallows, The Last Olympian and the first book of the Hunger Games when Katniss would be out hunting outside the 12th District and come across one of the shards of Kronos's scythe. Touching it, at the same sort of 'meta second' in time as Harry and Percy with different pieces in their own time periods of the 90's, 2000's, her touch in the distant future causes a rift in space time, in which the player has to deal with in the three different time eras, with roughly a third of the game involving characters from each of the universes, some time displaced, some in their own times but with the main characters back in them and ending with a final level where you can choose to play as either main character as you end up fighting a reformed Kronos, possibly possessing Voldemort who was possessing Snow with some tie in there

Each level would allow you to play as a different character with different tricks: for example

Harry could be a mostly magical character, but have a special ability to use the Sword of Gryffindor as a melee weapon as oppose to most magicals

Sirius could be able to change between Padfoot and his human form at will to allow him to get into smaller areas, but also having to remain hidden from most sights due to his fugitive status

Percy could be a mostly sword based character, but with some water based abilities, and the ability to navigate underwater, as well as gain extra powers around water, like increased damage and healing

Annabeth could be a exclusive close range fighter, with the ability to use her hat as a cloaking device and stealth kill enemies, while using her intelligence in more advanced problem solving

Katniss could be the games only archer, but be able to give a punch.

Rue could be a much lighter character, being unable to do much damage physically but armed with a Slingshot that could be recharged anywhere via rocks while spending most of her time going from tree to tree

Would this game work, or would it be better to have it focus just on one universe; in my opinion either the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson ones due to greater character power diversity. You have to admit, even if Percy Jackson might not be able to, a Harry Potter game series done a la the Batman Arkham or Transformers series of video games could probably work

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Of course it could work, almost any game idea can work in theory.

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Big money

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