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they're awesome
and it's like around 50 bucks
I bought two pairs, superman one and flash one

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You son of a--...I'm eyeing those flash ones.

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I had the Flash ones, but I gave them to a friend when they got too small. I just bought the Bane ones and am excited to wear them to school.

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I'm so getting The Flash ones. Then maybe the Superman ones.

"Be water my friend"

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I plan on buying the Riddler pair.

My brother has the Joker ones.

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yeah... they look tight. 
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I've been wanting to get the Green Lantern ones for awhile now. Those look pretty cool.

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I think all Converse are superhero sneakers...any time somebody's wearing sneakers in comics, it's always high-top Chucks, usually red, sometimes black.

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All of them are awesome but I'm looking forward to the Joker and Bane ones.