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Now, I couldn't actually figure out whether this belongs here, or in the battle forum; but if this is in the wrong place I apologize. I asked several friends about this and they couldn't give me a resounding answer. IMO it truly depends on the situation in which the battle takes place. Heck, even if Shep is a renegade/Paragon e.t.c

So; Who would win in a fight: Commander Shepard with biotic/tech enhancements or Master Chief pre Halo 4. (this restriction put in place so he can't use active camo or other enhancements). Both are limited to their in-universe weaponry and technology (Mass Effect fields, MJOLNIR armour e.t.c). Scenario: Random Planet, Renegade Shep, but otherwise both parties completely in character. Or, if needs be Blood-lusted if a fight doesn't happen.

Oh, and (possible) spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3 and plot spoiler for Halo 4:

This is not GodShep, and John doesn't have Cortana - which suggests that this happens after Halo 4, but regardless, pre Halo 4.

Actually, to make this more interesting, and as an additional point of view: Who would also win in a straight up fight, with both parties having access to whatever they can possibly use to gain an advantage.

Anybody got any opinions/views?